Best Bluetooth speaker for an Apartment with Adjustable Bass

If you live in an apartment you know that loud music and sounds are important to monitor. Not only are they annoying to your neighbors but your neighbors’ loud sounds are annoying to you. Playing music with loud bass carries far and disturbs neighbors who hear the deep low frequency bass carry through the walls of the building.

 Marshall Speaker for Apartment

If you’re looking for a music setup where you can enjoy the music as best you can in your apartment and as loud as you can without getting the cops called on you. I have some recommendations. 


The Marshall Kilburn

The Marshall Kilburn speaker is a great sounding speaker. It’s a small mid sized speaker.  It has a built in battery and can last off the battery for approximately plenty of hours (at least all night long). It also has AC power so you can leave it plugged in.

The speaker connects over Bluetooth or has an AUX cord. And the great part about this speaker (especially if you are in an apartment) is that you can adjust, not only the volume, but the bass level, and the treble level.


You can knock down that bass to a zero and there’s barely any bass coming out of that speaker.  I don’t know if I suggest going to zero because it will really change the sound of music, but you can put it down to one, and really crank up the volume and hear the rest of the song, fill your apartment, without vibrating all the walls


Compared to your average bluetooth speaker when you get up to a sound level that fills your apartment you are going to be bumping the bass, and that is going to not sit well with the neighbors. At least this speaker gives you a lot of control on the bass, so you can adjust it as you need.  Having the control is very nice. 


I found once I had that control I did not want to go back to a speaker without control of the bass level and on treble level. Likewise, if you don’t care about bass affecting anyone not at your party, you can really pump that bass up to a 10, and really feel it. So having that control is nice on both ends of the spectrum. 

The music quality, the sound, both are excellent. Compared to other speakers in this class it has a wider soundstage. It is a crisper sounding, you can make out instruments sounds, notes, voices, a lot easier than with other speakers which sort of muddy up all the sound. This speaker has excellent separation, for its size, and you can start to appreciate the music better and better. It’s a high class high quality little speaker, and it looks great. 

You could run this off AC power 24/7, I’ve done so for years and never had a problem and the battery still lasts all night. You leave it on 24-7 then it will be ready to connect on Bluetooth, all the time, no issues with it falling offline or auto timing out or, or anything like that, it’s quite excellent like that you can come home you’re speaking your phone’s already connected to boot and ready to go. 


Most of the Marshall speakers will have this bass control knob and treble control knob. So, any of them may work for your needs, depending on how big of a speaker you want and how much you want to spend. I’ve listened to most of them, and most of them sound amazing for their class. I recommended the Marshall speaker brand.  The smaller ones sound great, but they’re smaller and more compact. The small size ones are built to be portable and have batteries built in. And then there’s a larger class of  Marshall speakers, like the Stanmore. And these speakers are larger, they’re more stationary, they don’t have a battery. But they sound amazing for a speaker. If you’re looking for just a bookshelf speaker that’s actively powered I would not hesitate to buy another one.  Especially for an apartment I’ve found Marshall speakers to be excellent. 


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