Best Collapsible Emergency Offroad Recovery Shovel

One of the biggest nightmares of off-road drivers is to get your vehicle stuck in the middle of nowhere without proper recovery tools in the trunk. It is therefore very wise to always keep the right combination of recovery tools in your car before heading to an off-road trip. Though there are many essential tools for recovery, what this article is going to discuss is all about shovels.

Though sometimes shovel looks awkward for storage in a car, nothing else can do what shovels do in self-recovery. A shovel compliments your recovery toolbox. You will find shovel useful in many ways on your trip like for digging in front of the tire, clearing area for the tent, and putting out a fire

This article will explain the need of having a good shovel, what things to consider when buying a new one, and list of best shovels currently available on Amazon so that you buy what is the best affordable and suitable for your off-road trips.

emergency shovel

Things to consider while purchasing a Shovel

There is a great variety of shovels available in the market with different specialized features, materials, shapes, and sizes. Hence finding the most suitable product, sometimes becomes a tiring job. We have worked this all out for you. Following are the things you should consider before buying a recovery shovel for your vehicle:

  1. Blade Shape

The shape of the blades matters a lot when it comes to penetration and recovery. You should never go for the square blade shovel until you have a solid reason for it. These days pointy shovels are very trending because they give good penetration with less force applied. If you need a harder digging tool, there cannot be anything better than toothed blade shovels. They are very efficient and reliable.

  1. Handle

The handle is responsible for how your wrist is going to feel after a tough job. Usually, there are three types of handles available in different sizes. Fiberglass handles are lightweight, durable, and proven for comfortable outdoor use. The second type is steel handles. They are strong and heavy-duty handles but if you store them outside shade, they might get rusted. Wood handles are cheap and most commonly used. They serve a good age but their expansion and contraction with water and sun contact may develop splinters in them.

  1. Ergonomics

Comfortability is the most important thing to consider while buying a shovel. For this, you will have to hold the shovel and try it yourself. Does the shovel feel too heavy or too light? Does the shovel have a good grip or not? Is the handle too long or too short? These things combine to make a shovel worth it.

  1. Storage

Since you are going to carry a shovel in your car, its storage is definitely an important thing to take into account while purchasing. You should always prefer shovels which are easy to store and collapsible.

Top ‘3’ Best Off-road Recovery Shovels

After going through lists of some of the most popular shovels of different shapes and sizes, we have picked up three of them as our recommendation for you. Let’s see what features make them qualify for our best list one by one:

1. Handle All Hi-Lift Off-road Shovel & Tool Box (Most Portable & Most Sold Shovel Set)

Hi-Lift set by Handle All is one of the most functional tool sets with 4-full size implements and a telescoping handle. They are preferred for off-road trips, farming, forestry recreation, and camping. This specially designed compact toolbox is ideal for vehicles with limited storage facilities.

Key Features:

  •         Comes with a branded gear bag for storage and transport.
  •         The full-size shovel has a pointed face for deeper penetration.
  •         Apart shovel, the set includes a full-sized axe head, 8lb sledge hammer, and a Hi-Lift Jack.


2. Gerber Gear E-Tool Folding Spade Shovel (Made of best stainless, tough material)

The Garber Gear E-Tool is the perfect tool you would require in your outdoor adventure trip. This shovel is made up of lightweight forged steel blades and is ideal for digging, scooping, or sawing through ground cover or dirt. The blade of the shovel can be locked into its place for flawless and comfortable use.

Key Features:

  •         The blade is made up of forged stainless steel of highest quality, the serrated edge cuts through grass and vegetation with the utmost ease.
  •         The handle is made up of glass-filled nylon and delivers lightweight, tough performance.
  •         The length of the Gerber E-Tool spade is 23.75” when unfolded and it becomes 9.25” when compacted in the folded position.

3. Krazy Beaver Tools Shovel (Most Durable Shovel, Made up of extremely strong fiberglass)

Krazy Beaver Super Shovel is one of the most-sold American products for off-road use, camping, and adventure. Made up of lightweight yet extremely strong fiberglass material, this shovel is the best choice for camping, off-road trips, and hunting.

Key Features:

  •         Krazy Beaver is equipped with reinforced teeth to prevent bending and breaking.
  •         The body is powder-coated both inside out from head to handle in order to prevent rusting and other seasonal effects.
  •         The solid polymer is used in grips instead of soft rubber which provides excellent grip and does not get sticky with time.


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