Best long reach toenail clippers

Your nails form an important part of today’s fashion world. Slicing them as per your style and ease is what you require the most. This is where you need quality nail clippers.

So, how would you define quality nail clippers? Some would say that it should be able to trim my nails effortlessly. Others would need the nail clipper to be durable and rust-free. Excellent grip also makes a nail clipper a preferable option to have.  

But choosing the right nail clipper isn’t as easy as it sounds. Every person has a unique set of nails which differ in thickness. So, you will have to carry out thorough market research to find one that suits your needs. Don’t worry, we have made things easier for you.

After reading this article, you will be acquainted with the key factors to look for in nail clippers, what problems do elderly people face in clipping their nails and how to resolve them, and what are some of the best nail clippers in the market.  

Things to look for in a Toenail Clipper

Let’s start by listing some of the main features to look for in a toenail clipper.

The variety of countless brands of nail clippers and cutters make it very difficult to differentiate and choose the best. Following are the things that should be kept in consideration before buying a nail clipper:

  1. Blade: The blade decides the ease of cutting nails. If blades are not sharp enough, you will have to exert more force, it may cause injury.
  2. Quality of Material: What if the material is not stainless steel will it still be durable? No, it won’t. Aluminum alloys or plated material generally get rusted or break easily.
  3. Hand Grip: It is to be noted that if the design allows a good grip over the product or not. Good grip allows easy and efficient use of toenail clippers.

Top Best Toenail Clipper

Though it’s really difficult to choose between what is the best option for best toe clippers but after trying a few options, we have listed our recommendations below:  

1.       SZQHT Ultra Wide Jaw Opening Nail Clipper – Recommended for thin nails

SZQHT Ultra Wide Jaw Opening Nail Clipper is one of the smart and suitable choices for toe clippers. Its unique design makes trimming easier. We found the blades of this clipper to be fairly sharp which allowed flawless cutting.

Key Features of this product include:

  •         Ultra-Wide Jaw Opening of 15mm that allows clipping of thick nails with ease
  •         Ergonomic design enables great grip and operation for a variety of nails.
  •         Its stainless steel body is rust-free, durable, and life lasting.
  •         This product comes with a standard replacement and refund policies for transparent service.

2.       Dreamcut Long-handled clipper & scissors – Recommended for thick nails

Thick nails ask for precision and detail work. An ordinary clipper might not be the best option for these conditions. It asks for a long-handled clipper or scissor to meet this purpose in the best way.

This is where Dreamcut clippers are useful. These clippers are designed particularly for thick nails. The long handle allows more control over the nail cutting and reduces chances of injury or tearing out. These clippers can equally be preferred by men, women, and children.

Key Features include:

  •         Many low-quality clippers are vulnerable to accidental cuts due to their poor design. Dreamcut clippers eliminate the occurrence of such incidents.
  •         These toenail cutters are equipped with 100% hot-forged stainless steel which does not rust easily.
  •         Its serrated blades are angled upward to make the cut really quick.

Nail Problems in Elderly

Nails can be fun when you are young, but as you grow old nails can cause serious health problems. So, you need to take special care of how to trim those nails and which tools to use. Some elderly people also face shivering problems due to weakness and hence can’t use extra sharp nail clippers. Thus, the choice of Nail clippers is therefore important and they should be duly cross-checked before purchasing.

Aging is a natural process. We can’t stop it but we can stop diseases and infections by taking good care of ourselves. Elderly people need extra attention because they are more vulnerable to health problems. Following are leading issues that are common in aged fellows:

  1.       With age, thickening in nails may appear. It is very common and can cause pain in feet and limbs sometimes.
  2.       As the bones are weakened, putting pressure or engaging in heavy exercise may result in the splitting of fingers and toenails.
  3.       If the senior has served his life in shoes, lack of circulation of blood in feet may be significant. This results in curved nails.
  4.       Sometimes the body weakness causes brittleness of nails. So, your nails might tear out completely when clipping, this can cause severe pain experience.

Nail Clippers for Seniors

As mentioned earlier, elders need special care nail clippers because of their special health needs. An ideal clipper for senior citizens would be the one that allows delicate work in a precise manner. It must trim easily and be user-friendly.

Kohm Heavy duty wide jaw nail clipper – Best choice for Seniors

Kohm Heavy duty wide jaw nail clipper is just the right option for elders. It is an efficiently designed tool which can cut thick and deformed nails with ease. Its alloy coated steel design is smart and durable.

Key Features of this clipper include:

  •         Kohm nail clippers are equipped with a unique design lever to reduce pressure for easier cutting of tough thick nails.
  •         It requires less grip on hands.
  •         The operation of this blade is quite smooth.


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