Best Wide Angle Side View Rear Mirror

A wide-angle side rear mirror is a helpful device fitted on the side mirrors of your car that will surely add huge functionality to your driving. It will also essentially show you parts of the road that are hidden from your vision. 

Are you always cautious about keeping track of cars lurking behind you? Are you always nervous when switching lanes, especially on freeways, because of blind spots? A wide-angle side rear mirror will help you with such problems.


Blind spot mirrors from YASOKO are a cost-efficient and affordable means to improve and regulate not just your safety as a driver, but also pedestrian safety around you — for just $6.


Other blind spot mirrors

There’s undeniably a bunch of blind spot mirrors out in the market today with different product features coming from different brands. There are some that work really well, and some others that don’t necessarily make it to the cut.


Are you familiar with those kinds of blind spot mirrors that stick on to the actual reflective surface of the side view mirror and look like a little bubble? Those block out a certain part of the mirror. Are you also familiar with those that are hazy-looking and have an odd distance that looks distorted in view? “Blind spot” mirrors such as these aren’t advisable and ideal to be in use.


The main purpose of blind spot mirrors is to get you out of a probable accident — and not to get you in one.


Benefits and features of a YASOKO blind spot mirror

Closely monitoring your surroundings

It will give you an appropriate and a large amount of view for cars — even the whole lane — and people that are building up behind you. This will help you specifically when deciding on turning, reversing, and overtaking other cars.


Confidently switching lanes on the freeway

It will enable you to move safely and smoothly into the center of your desired lane while letting you maintain your space in the traffic flow. As it is a rule of thumb to check your mirrors before switching lanes, YASOKO is sure to provide you the aid when doing so.


Safely parking your car

YASOKO is a safe parking multi-purpose auxiliary rearview mirror. This means it is really meant to guide you when parking in cramped or crowded parking spaces. You can easily adjust the mirror to get a better view of your blind spots when parking without bumping other cars, traffic cones, or other objects.


Providing a view of your blind spots

Every year, there are millions of blind spot-related accidents on a yearly basis — accidents that could have been easily avoided by installing a blind spot rearview mirrors. A YASOKO blind spot mirror will help you avoid such incidents by giving you possible rear and side vision. You will be able to notice such small details you’re not aware of, whether or not you are naturally observant, by adjusting the side stop line and angle of reflection easily.


Generally giving you more control

This blind spot mirror gives you just so much more control because you can see everything at a glance. You will know what to do exactly when you see something that you should avoid or something you need to watch out for. 


Installing your blind spot mirror

A blind spot mirror from YASOKO is a module that sticks on above or below the side view mirrors, not to mention that adding it is easily and conveniently done. It has a clip where it clips over the plastic trim of your car’s mirror and the new wide-angle mirror. It also has a 3M sticking backing for added security.


To install, you just need to stick your blind spot mirror onto your car’s mirror and then secure it with the pinch clip. Mounting it below your side-view mirror will give you a sweeping wide-angle view across the road. You will also be able to see the side of your car past your blind spot going forward.


Making sure your blind spot mirror works

After installation, make sure to test if your mirror is functioning the way you want it to. If it needs adjustment, mark the new and correct spot then stick on the mirror and hold it in place for a good 30 seconds (or longer if needed).


Before driving out your car, you would want to make sure that the blind spot mirror is tightly in place. 


Look and feel of a YASOKO blind spot mirror

Some people might think the mirror looks a little bit silly or quirky, but you get over pretty quickly. Especially once you start backing it up for how useful it is.


There’s a minimal training or learning curve for using the mirror, as with other blind spot mirrors that you’ve encountered before. This blind spot mirror specifically has a different focus point, in which you will be accustomed to after some time.


The adjustment pays off, especially when you no longer have to squint to see moving cars behind you or when you’re no longer having a hard time to park your car in small parking spaces.


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