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Finding the best quality, ‘buy it for Life’ digital kitchen scales is no way an easy job. I had to go through all threads on google and Reddit and study a significant number of features available in the market. After making notes and making detailed comparisons, I could finally narrow down my list to a handful of products. My favourite among them is Escali Primo Digital Scale for its smart design and unique features. It has just the right amounts of precision, style, and durability I want. However, you might differ with me on this. Depending on your requirements and your kitchen style, you should keep reading this article to find out your personal favourite.

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Buyer’s Guide


The capacity of a weighing scale decides how much weight can be put on it. Generally, for domestic kitchen purposes, anything between 3-5 kilo should be good to go. However, it should be kept in mind that the total weight capacity of a food scale is the sum of weights of ingredients as well as that of the bowl or tray they are to be placed in.


Accuracy is considered as the essential feature of a kitchen weighing scale. There are no ways to calculate or find out the accuracy of a weighing scale before purchasing, but you can consult product reviews and ratings. As per working manuals, degree of graduation is the measure of efficiency. And the graduation falls between 1 gram to 0.05 ounces for most of the kitchen scales.


The best kitchen scale should be the one that bears with rough and tough use for a longer period. Since the kitchen environment is uneven and harsh, it is preferable to choose a durable and robust scale, the one which is made of either high-impact plastic or stainless steel.


The problem with most of the ordinary digital scales is that their screen gets dim after some time. Also, the labels disappear or are no more readable. Always look for a kitchen scale that equips easy to read display screens marked with bold labelling. When the ingredients are on the scale, the screen and readings should be clearly visible.  

Reads in ounces and grams

Although most people like to buy digital scales that give readings of ounces in the form of decimals rather than fractions because it is more precise and intuitive, some professional chefs also recommend decibel systems, so it is better to get a scale that can measure in both imperial and metric units.

List of Top 5 Choices for digital Kitchen Scale

#1 Escali Primo Digital Scale (Rated as the Best Pic Overall)

If you are looking for premium quality, all in one digital kitchen scale for your small enthusiastic kitchen, Escali Primo Digital Scale is recommended to be the best in town. It is a compact design, a lightweight scale that will easily fit in your drawer without occupying much space. Its four rubber feet will keep it stable and save it from slipping off the counter. In short, it is a high quality, impressive scale for measuring your ingredients for cooking and baking purposes.  


  • The scale is very Easy-to-use, comes with only two buttons; one for changing units, one for power on/off and taring.
  • You don’t need to worry about charging it as two AA batteries are included in the package.
  • The scale has a high quality, durable construction


  •         It could have been better with a weighing bowl

#2 American Weigh Scales AMW-SC-2K (Rated as the Most Durable Pick)

The American Weigh Scales AMW-SC-2KG is just the right combination of precision, durability, and a bright, easy-to-read display. A lot of people love this product for its bright LED display and an excellent warranty, but I think its most significant benefit, still, is its expert precision.


  • Particular focus on precision and durability
  • Very lightweight and portable design to move around
  •  Recommended by experts for measuring grinds


  • Its overall weight limit should have been higher
  • The scale is a bit smaller than its competitors on the list

#3) My Weigh Bakers Math KD8000 (Rated as the Best Capacity Weight Scale)

The My Weigh Bakers Math KD8000 is a robust scale with unique features allowing you with extra allowable capacity as well as protection of the internal components. The built-in splash guard keeps flower, milk, and other fine-grain products from finding their way onto the product. On top of everything, it has AC power design, which will make you forget about imprecise measurements due to low batteries.


  • This scale Comes with a fantastic weight capacity up to 8kg.
  • Equipped with adjustable auto-off feature
  • Comes with a control panel shield


  •         The AC adapter is missing in the package

#4 Ozeri ZK14-S Pronto Digital Scale (Rated as the Best Budget Pick)

When you are searching for a quality kitchen scale, with regular features, durable construction, and most importantly, a decent budget, Ozeri ZK14-S Pronto Digital Scale is bound to catch your attention. It is classy chrome finished design with a weight capacity up to 5.1 kg (11.24 lb). Despite being very compact in design, the scale still serves a high efficiency.


  • Very affordable and budget-friendly
  • Equipped with an extra-large screen
  • Perfect for granular measurements
  • It has High scale capacity of up to 5.1 kg (11.24 lb).


  • The weigh scale lacks intuitive controls
  • The readings should have been more precise.


#5 Greater Goods Digital Food Scale (Rated as the Most Lightweight, Sleek Design Pick)

Greater Goods Digital Kitchen Scale is a lightweight, sleek & smart designed weight scale which comes with all essential functions to help you prepare better meals. It has a user-friendly, simple interface, and can measure up to a weight of 5kg (11lbs) capacity. Its unique feature allows you to choose between five different measurement units. Precisely, if you are looking for a lightweight design, efficient weight scale, this one’s for you.


  • This scale comes with four precision weighing sensors.
  • Also features a tare or zero function
  • Allows you to switch between five different units of measurement
  • Has four precision weighing sensors
  • Its high contrast LCD screen improves the readability.


  • The Joule rating produced by this device is lower than others on the list
  • Some customers complained that it has less space between the power plugs

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