Here’s a Dog Car Window Screen

Who doesn’t love long rides? There is no better feeling than driving on the empty road with the world passing by your ears. That experience of relief and the substance.

But think of all the possibilities that can ruin this drive. Your dog might try to jump out of an open window, your child might be exposed to dangerous rays from the sun, some bugs might find a way to accompany you. Aren’t these all possibilities quite common?

What is the solution? Is there any single product that could defy all the above possibilities? Yes, there is one solution. The solution is Window Screen.

Car Window Screens

You might need a car window screen for more than a few reasons. Depending upon their use and specifications, car windscreens can be categorized into the following types:

1. Dog Car Window Screen

Your dog loves to be around you on long car rides. They too like humans love nature, it’s your responsibility of taking care of its health and safety. Car Dog Screen provides the right amount of safety around your pet. Look down upon the services a dog screen will pay you:

  •         It would keep your dog from jumping out of the window. Get injured by flying objects.
  •         You can install these screens and open the window so your dog enjoys the breeze.
  •         If your dog doesn’t like strangers much, this screen will not allow anyone to come closer.

 2. Car Bug Screen

Imagine going home from a night shift with mosquitoes buzzing on your car windows and you can’t drive with AC on all the way to home, what would you wish? You will wish to reach your home safely to buy a car bug screen the next morning. At times you just need the fresh air to pass through your car, bugs might ruin all the pleasure.

3. Car Window screen for Baby

Your baby reaching out to anything outside while you drive or him being exposed to heat and UV Rays from the sun would be the last thing you would wish for. Car baby screens allow air circulation through the car while promising the safety and wellness of your children.


So, what are the choices available for you in buying window screens for your car? We have listed below some of the most useful options for helping you out in this:

1.   Mesh Window Sock

Car Window socks or mesh window socks are easy to use semi-permeable screens which allow ventilation to take place while stopping bugs and sunlight from penetrating. It is washable and can easily be wrapped for storage purposes.

Special features of these screens include:

  •         Higher Protection (40+ UV) to keep sunlight kissed out of your car.
  •         The special sunblock material used is twice as thick as normal screen cover.
  •         Doesn’t hinder the normal activity of windows. You can still open and close them normally.
  •         Premium quality storage pouch will make sure the sock screen is stored in the right place.
  •         It needs minimal skill sets and time to be installed and wrapped.
  •         Allows privacy needed by new parents with children or to keep the baby sleeping without sunlight glaring at his cheeks.

2.   Skeeter Beater

As the name indicates, this window screen is designed to keep skeeters outside your car. It fits perfectly over the rain guards and provides shading to keep the exterior of your car door cool. It is a genius design with a great customer hook to provide pleasant air without ew feelings.

Key Features include:

  •         Its toughness and durability doesn’t allow bugs and mosquitoes to fly through the windows.
  •         Close all your windows with the Skeeter Beater on your road trip and enjoy the feeling of a touring tent.
  •         It is available in three amazing color combinations. Choose what suits the spirit of your car.
  •         The fabric material is soft and doesn’t leave any scratches on the window interior when pulled off.

3.   Custom Fit Screens for Cars

Sometimes the best car shades might not fit in your car windows. The size of these products has always been an issue for purchasing them. Custom Fit Screens are those screens that are designed after providing the exact dimensions of your car so that your car gets its best fitting.

Key Features of these screens include:

  • When installed, they will snug in the windows and windscreen completely without leaking sunlight from the corner.
  • Custom Fit Screens of cars include complete car cover which means 3-10 total pieces in the package depending upon car type and model.
  • One of the best things about this screen is that it keeps the inner temperature low especially on the dashboard and steering wheel.
  •  Its storage facility is better than anything. All you need is roll up the screens to a rod shape and insert it into any corner storage with minimum space required.

4.   DIY Mesh Screen

One of the best things about an SUV is that you don’t need a tent to sleep if you have it on a campsite. DIY car screens behave like walls for that tent. These screens are self-help window types which can be made at home with simple supplies.

Simple steps to follow are:

  •         Create a suitable size template of the area you want to cover with the help of real dimensions of your car.
  •         Make a list of and collect the required gear for this practice. The supply must contain things for cutting, slicing, pasting, covers, fabric, and glue.
  •         Once the template is ready, put this on the bug netting and spread magnets on its perimeter to lock things up.
  •         Fold the net around the magnets in a way that a harness is created where all the magnets are nestled inside the perimeter of the window.
  •         Your DIY mesh screen is ready.

Recommended Product

Before saying goodbye, we would like to present to you our favorite choice for a car window screen. These are the window sun shades by Qualizzi. Following are some of its key features:


  •         It is available in a variety of sizes and thus it doesn’t matter which car you drive; you can find one exact fit for your car.
  •         Easy installation. Plus, it has great stickiness so you don’t have to put it in place again and again.
  •         Better heat insulation capabilities allow cooler cars. So, you can enjoy fresh air without the need to switch on the AC.
  •     It takes care of mosquitoes. You don’t need to worry about these bugs while opening your car window.
  •         Nice storage bag and elasticity of these sun shades makes packing/unpacking quite easier.


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