Fifty Fifty Vs. Hydro Flask

Since the past years, people used to use plastic bottles for their journey or office work. With the advancement in technology, people have become aware of the harmful effects of these plastic bottles. Now, stainless steel bottles are preferred by people, and with this increasing demand, many companies have started manufacturing stainless steel water bottles. However, Fifty Fifty and Hydro Flask are still the leading brands in the case of water bottles.

Fifty Fifty Vs. Hydro Flask

Fifty Fifty Water Bottle:

Fifty Fifty was developed in 2013, and since then, its water bottles have continuously gained much popularity due to their widespread use and positive reviews from customers worldwide. Fifty Fifty bottles offer a large range of colours and designs so that you can choose your favourite. Moreover, it has a wide range of different bottle sizes as well such as 12oz, 18oz, 25oz, 34oz, 40oz and the largest being 64oz. It also comes in a 25oz wine growler. Most of these sizes also have two lid options.

In the case of insulating capabilities, this water bottle will offer great insulation with double-wall construction. All these specifications and a vast range of colours and sizes make this water bottle super durable.

Hydro Flask Water Bottle:

Hydro Flask was founded in 2009. In all these years, this company is greatly acknowledged for selling great and durable water bottles. The Hydro Flask water bottles also come in a great range of colours and different sizes to make it portable for all individuals.

The Hydro Flask company was also once updated to a great feature called ‘’Build your own Hydro Flask’’. This enabled users to choose their favourite colour combinations, bottle, and lid sizes. For all these years and till now, Hydro Flask has gained much popularity due to their user-friendly water bottles.

Fifty Fifty and Hydro Flask Comparison:

Customers demand both Fifty Fifty and Hydro Flask water bottles in the market. They have so many similarities that users don’t find any difference. Both are superior in their performance and specifications. However, there are slight differences in these two bottles, including colours, sizes, and lid design.

Let’s compare these two water bottles and know which one is better.

·        Colour:

Although both the bottles have a wide range of different colours that make them stand out in the market from their competitors, however, in the case of unique and glossy colours, Hydro Flask offers more colours than Fifty Fifty. Their bottles have customizable colours, and their ‘’Build your own Hydro Flask’’ feature allows customers to choose their favourite bottle and lid colours from their wide range.

·        Price:

The price and budget are a dominant factor when you need to buy a durable product. All the long-lasting and high-quality products in the market are not cheap, and getting to know about their features is important before you spend money. Both Hydro Flask and Fifty Fifty offer similar benefits, in the case of price, Fifty Fifty is less expensive. It does not mean that it has some cons or is not reliable. However, Hydro Flask water bottle users can get a better price when they offer discounts.

·        Sizes:

When it comes to sizes, Fifty Fifty offers a wider range of bottle sizes than Hydro Flask, making them useful for all people. Hydro Flask bottles are available in 12oz, 18oz, 32oz, 40oz, and 128oz. On the other hand, Fifty Fifty water bottles are available in 12oz, 18oz, 25oz, 34oz, 40oz, and 64oz. Although both offer slightly different sizes, it is better to consider Fifty Fifty in case of price. A larger bottle of Fifty Fifty will cost almost the same as a smaller bottle of Hydro Flask.

·        Lid Design:

When it comes to the lid design, Fifty Fifty loses the game. Hydro Flask not only offers great lid colours, but it is also recognized in case of lid durability. Most users say that lids of Fifty Fifty bottles eventually break off after a few uses. But don’t worry, the company offers free lid replacements. Hydro Flask performs better as its lids are durable and will long for a lifetime.

·        Insulation:

In terms of insulation of Fifty Fifty and Hydro Flask, none can be preferred over the other. Both have similar insulation capability, i.e. 12 hours for hot beverages and 24 hours for cold beverages. This is the reason that customers find it difficult to differentiate between the two in terms of usage.


All these points give us clear information that both Fifty Fifty and Hydro Flask are exceptional in their place. If you want a good bottle but at a low price, Fifty Fifty should be your choice. However, if you want specific customizable colours and great lid designs, Hydro Flask is a better option. As both the bottles are quite similar, you just need to choose the one that fits your needs.

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