Find Your: Buy it for Life Wallet

Wallets are extremely part of our everyday lives as simple as the accessory may seem — and looking for your BIFL wallet may cost you tons of cash if you do not know what you’re searching for.


With thousands of wallet brands out in the market, it is nearly impossible to try or to test each one out to know which one is the perfect buy-it-for-life out there for you.


We did the “dirty work” of scouting the most sought-after wallet brands in the market today that people really stand by. Here’s a list of 10+ brands that are popular to both men and women for the different purposes they serve.



In an era of mass production, Allett’s small-batch manufacturing process provides quality you can see and experience year after year.


Allett designs and manufactures the slimmest wallets in San Diego, California. They started in 1995 with a design patent for their Original Wallet. The groundbreaking design was engineered to relieve back pain associated with carrying a bulky wallet. It was the first slim wallet of its time and has yet to be matched in form and function. The simple genius of this design and the concept of doing more with less is carried throughout Allett’s growing product line.



Bellroy started from the ground up 10 years ago, when a team of product designers and engineers realized they could re-engineer the standard wallet. The first design they ever launched is the slim sleeve wallet for men which remains popular until now.


From a single product a decade ago, they’re now offering a lot more including some designs that are gender neutral that women also love to use. The insides of their wallets are easily accessible with their uncomplicated designs and you can carry quite a bit of your stuff.



 The original Tyvek wallet since 2005 that’s almost nearly impossible to tear apart. The best thing about it is although it feels like a paper, it is lightweight and its texture, it is resistant to stains.


Generally, it’s a light, thin wallet made of a single sheet of Tyvek that expands when you fill it. There are over 30 fun wallet designs made by artists around the world.



Saddleback is widely known for their wallets built of full grain leather and lined with pigskin (tougher than the full grain) — combined with their 100-year warranty. As Saddleback says, your kin will fight over your wallet when you’re dead. Might be a joke, might be not.


There are about 15+ classic wallet designs to choose from. From coin purses to large travel wallets, there’s surely one for every type of person out there. 


Big Skinny

From what the name suggests, they are known to be the world’s thinnest and lightest wallets — Big Skinny can reduce your wallet size and weight by 50% without losing any functionality or number of pockets.


If you’re tired of constantly going through your wallet to eliminate things in order to create space, then Big Skinny Wallets are for you.


Tanner Goods

The products that people use on a daily basis say something about the kind of people they are. Tanner Goods believes that many things in life get better with time. In a world where there is an overwhelming amount of products made to break down, wear out, or go out style, Tanner Goods aims to go against that.


Although most of their wallets are generally produced for men, they have some wallet types that can also be used by women. 


Hobo International

With 8 leather types to choose from, Hobo International believes that the craft of creating the best wallet begins with the art of creating the finest leathers. Each material is guaranteed to develop a unique and personal patina that deepens over time.


From credit card cases to wallets and wristlets, it’s the kind of an underground classic that will surely strike up conversations among women — and maybe to men, especially with regard to the brand’s quality over time.



Started with outdoor garments and gears, Filson now continuously offers bags and wallets. Established in 1850, it wasn’t until the late 1890s when the company started branching out their products.


Clinton Filson, founder, spent a lot of time talking to his customers and refining his designs to their specifications. So it’s not surprising that the items that worked then still work today, 150 years later. Comfort, protection, and durability never go out of style.


One amusing experience from an avid fan is that the wallet he was using accidentally got through the washing machine and it came out unscathed. Talk about durability and leather authenticity!



Coach is a leading design house of modern luxury accessories and lifestyle collections, most especially wallets, with a long-standing reputation built on quality craftsmanship. As a pioneer in the leather goods and accessories space, the brand went on to establish itself as the Original American House of Leather.


As interesting as it may seem, the fanbase of Coach tends to be dominated by men. Wallets from Coach can last for over two decades leaving classic pieces to be handed down from generation to generations. There were multiple accounts that claimed 


Designers (Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Tumi, etc.)

We really can’t tell if designer wallets are expensive for their quality or for their name. It’s probably both — but more for the latter. Not everybody can afford them so they’re at the bottom of this list as a collective.


Designer wallets are sure to prove true to their test of time. Among the other brands, it’s somehow a norm to feel skeptical whether the reviews stand true. With luxury brands, though, everyone’s just certain that the probability of your wallet to be a hand-me-down isn’t necessarily impossible most especially if the wallet is well taken care of (because of its price).


Best brands for different uses

Crowd favorite: Saddleback


The crowd has spoken! Among the hundreds of reviews in different wallet classification, Saddleback constantly remains as one of the bests in the crowd. A simple design yet awesome quality. People who vouch for the brand have had their wallets for 5-15 years.


A particular eye-catching review was about a man’s saddleback leather wallet that fell out of his ski pants. The wallet was buried in snow for 3 months until it all melted. The wallet of course got extremely soaked. The ski resort mailed his wallet back to him during the summer and to his surprise, it looks good as new! If Saddleback isn’t BILF-worth because of this, we don’t really know anymore what is.

Best front pocket wallet: Saddleback

According to avid users, the best front pocket wallet size from Saddleback is the small one. It’s exactly the right size for your front pocket. The wallet can hold 8 cards and a few bills without being bulky.


Best thin wallet for necessary items: Allett

Allett is offering a relatively thin wallet that still contains enough space for necessary items. It basically has a shallow money pocket and a deep pocket for “everything else”. Made from sail-cloth, you are guaranteed that it is rip-stop and thin.


Aside from its thinness, you are sure to enjoy the wallet for quite a time. There have been accounts wherein owners would say that they’ve had their wallets for about 8 to 10 years with no major damages. Though of course, there are occasional threads sticking out caused by everyday usage.


Best wallet for Her: Hobo International

From purses to wristlets to clutches, Hobo International sure has wallets for every woman’s needs. With varying designs and classic leather material, it’s very easy to regularly return to the brand when shopping for women’s items — specifically wallets.


Hobo wallets are also known for their fine quality over many years. Recently, there have been accounts of counterfeit items so be careful to buy a piece from a reputable retailer especially when deals appear to be too good to be true. 


Best traditional bi-fold leather wallet: Bellroy

Bellroy wallets are designed to hold what a man needs while keeping his pockets trim and tailored. Each of their wallets come with a 3-year warranty. Bellroy’s leather feels top notch after it’s broken in, with the stitchings blending aesthetically to the overall classic look of the wallet. Add in that it’s slimmer compared to most brands!


Another pro for Bellroy: their wallets can also carry and support European bills (which are larger in size compared to other currency bills).


Best bi-fold wallet for large bills: Big Skinny

A lot of people tend to stack their large bills in money clips — not knowing that there are now several wallet brands that now support large bills (specifically Euro notes), Big Skinny among them.


Big Skinny wallets typically feature a full-size extra-tall billfold area suitable for large bills, along with card and ID sleeves, and hidden storage pockets. The wallet is generally a well-thought out concept that will hold and keep its quality for years.

Best wallet for travelling: Bellroy

Bellroy’s travel folio is certainly the best for your travel essentials — most especially for your travel cash. The wallet can store up to two passports, around four to eight IDs and cards, boarding passes, a micro pen, and a full-size pen.


The leather material is pretty solid and durable which will surely last for a time. Though, just in case, Bellroy also offers a 3-year warranty for their wallets.

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