High-Quality Clothing Brands for Men

When it comes to clothing, we all want to wear the best and high-quality clothes that will immediately make heads turn wherever we go.

From branded suits for formal meetings to affordable clothing range for everyday wear, men are usually conscious about the quality of their clothes.

However, most men find it hectic going to the mall or searching over the internet to find high-quality clothing brands for men to change their wardrobe game.

If you are tackling the same problem, look no further. We have compiled a list of some of the high-quality clothing brands for men that will make you look good every day with their affordable and classic clothing range.

1.   ASOS

Asos is a famous brand that has its own line of products. It sells many different products, including shoes and clothes, and has a wide range for both men and women.

The quality of their clothes has inspired many people. Even the products on sale have no defect, and people can buy them at an affordable range.

They sell clothes from many other brands as well, so the quality and price will vary depending on the brand. Overall, Asos is a reliable platform for good quality clothing.

2.   Outerknown:

Outerknown is the brand of the famous surfer Kelly Slater. The owner has introduced its surfing and sports enthusiasm in his wide range of clothes. The brand uses high-quality fabric and materials to make the best clothes that will instantly rock in the market.

The brand uses solid colors with soft woven materials to make the dresses ideal for everyday wear. The best thing about the company is that they always happily accept any torn or damaged pair of jeans and replace or repair them.

3.   East Dane:

East Dane was launched in 2013 and is the newest clothing store specifically for men. The company’s purpose is to serve stylish and high-quality clothes to men interested in style rather than trends.

They focus on all the latest and leading trends and introduce them into their collection with a unique and stylish touch, immediately making them the favorite go-to store for customers.

The best part is that East Dane offers a wide range of affordable and expensive clothing, from regular t-shirts to formal clothes to furry coats in winter.

4.   Levi’s:

By far, Levi’s is the most popular and loved clothing brand of all men due to its unique styles and high-quality materials. They offer a wide range of clothes and other stuff for men, women, and kids.

The pure and authentic collection of denim and t-shirts make every man want to grab a pair for himself. It is the global leader in manufacturing jeans and has spread its branches in more than 100 countries.

Every collection of Levi’s is attention-grabbing, and customers love their clothes’ soft and unique material.

5.   Reiss:

Reiss’s owner is David Reiss, who introduced his fashion brand for men in 1971, and later on, included a women’s collection as well.

The best part of this company is that they ensure every individual is treated alike irrespective of their class, gender, disability, etc.

David Reiss has worked very hard over the years to make his brand recognizable. The main aspects of the company include neutral colors with sufficient details. So, if you are a person who prefers elegance over a funky look, Reiss is the best brand for you.

6.   Allsaints:

Allsaints is a fashion brand with its headquarters in London and branches in various countries. The company uses high-quality and soft cotton in its t-shirts and other clothes to make them long-lasting and comfortable while wearing.

The vegetable-tanned leather jackets are also famous for their quality, along with their woolen accessories. Although the company sells all kinds of clothing, their t-shirts have different patterns with intimidating blends, which add a little more attitude to your overall look.

However, most of their clothes are suitable for layering.

7.   Indochino:

Indochino is the leading menswear brand due to its perfectly stitched and high-quality premium suits. The brand manufactures all kinds of men’s clothes, including blazers, outerwear, shirts, pants, suits, and casual wear.

So, if you want specific suits for different occasions, Indochino is the right brand for you.

The best thing about the company is their premium suits stitched with perfection and made to fit right to any man who wears them.

Although the dresses are pricey, the elegant color combination with a smooth finish makes them worth the try for fashion-loving men.

8.   Oak + Fort:

Oak + Fort is a reliable fashion brand for luxury and elegant menswear. However, it includes a broad range of both men’s and women’s dresses.

For anyone who wants subtle and light colors for their wardrobe at an affordable price range, Oak + Fort is the best brand.

The company combines the style of culture, architecture, and different designs to make its collection unique. Their collection is ideal for Instagram models and those working on a coffee shop down the street.

Besides, the soft colors of the clothes and high-quality materials enhance your personal style with their refined silhouettes.

9.   Flint and Tinder:

Flint and Tinder is the ideal clothing brand for patriotic men. Their unique styles and authentic materials feature top-quality clothes with a rugged and sleek look.

Their top-selling clothes include denim and 365 pants, which you can wear in all ways possible. These unique and useful techniques have helped the brand grow larger through the years.

Flint and Tinder is the perfect brand for those always looking for a new trend and style to follow and grab attention wherever they go. Their clothes are rugged and elegant, which beautiful color combinations and patterns, making them ideal for all outdoor parties and events.


Those finding high-quality clothing brands for men won’t have to look further after reading this review.

Our review contains a list of all the high-quality clothing brands that every man would love to try. It also mentions for whom the brand and its collection is suitable. So, you can choose the best brand according to your preference.

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