How to avoid Headphone Hair

Headphone hair is one of those minor annoying issues that will keep you distracted for long in your work hours. The possible causes include the size of a hair, health of hair, the direction of growth, breakage, and grains. Though this issue calls for some good attention, yet you can solve it short-term by some styling tips. It’s natural to have headphone hair but it becomes problematic when it hinders your other activities. This article will deal with all major speculations, questions, and possible solutions about headphone hair.

Why does hair on side of head stick up?

The main reason why your side hair sticks up is the grain of your hair. Naturally, the hair grows in a particular direction of its grain, but when we comb them, sometimes we are forcing them against their grain. As a result, when the comb is taken away, the hair will choose to stand up rather than bending or lying down in the opposite direction. This makes them stick up and ruin your hair routine.

How can I fix my hair after wearing headphones?

In order to make sure your headphone doesn’t ruin your hair and your style is spared you should choose more headphone-friendly hairstyles in the first place. Try to keep hair lower or sideways to avoid sticking up. Secondly, you should keep hassling your headphones on your head rather than keeping them at a single place. Changing places would not allow it to press hair at a single place. It would look less shitty.  

How to flatten hair on the side of your head?

A simple solution to flatten your hair on the side of your head is to tousle them back to their shape. It is a very practical technique and can be performed without any tool. All you need to do is to go to the restroom, dampen your hair and restyle them with your fingers. Surely, the results would not be as convincing as from a sprayer or hairdryer but you will be satisfied. Also, try to pull up all matted hair clumps and shake them gently before restyling. It will restore its area and volume.

Can you wash hair with anything to prevent this from happening?

Yes, you can wash your hair to bring them back to good shape. Following are a few tips:

Use Water Spray to Brush:

Water is the most widely-available styling tool. It will always eat rescue when your hair is spoiling your style job and can’t be fixed with hands. Spare a few minutes from your work, go to the washroom and spray some water on your hair before styling them. Though it is not a permanent solution, it will give you a good time to concentrate on other things before reaching your home.   

Keep a Comb in Your Purse:

Stylists suggest that the best combo to deal with headphone hair is a comb and a water spray. It is better than to wet your hair directly. The goal is to use the bristles of the brush of the teeth of the comb to be damp mot dripping we. This will give you more control over the style you are going to adopt.  

Is there any product to carry to fix this issue?

Though there are a lot of products available today for restyling and take care of your headphone hair, we will only suggest you the most efficient and tried ones.

Styling Gel:

Since washing your hair again and again during office hours can be a mess, styling Gel is a little secret here. By using it, you can tease the squished parts of your hair back to their usual place and keep them like that for a little longer.

Straightening Iron:

The ultimate solution is to use the heat to show your hair who is the real boss. Straightening Iron can literally iron out the dents from your hair, restoring their best straight looks. Always select small portions of hair and iron them in the direction you want to fall them. In a matter of a few minutes, you will get your favorite hairstyle back.

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