How to be a less high-strung person?

Before extracting out the possible ways of how one can overcome this personality trait, let us understand what it is like being a high-strung person, what are prominent & recurring traits of such a personality and how to recognize if you belong to the type.

What Is a High-Strung Personality?

The major identification of this disorder is marked by urgency, competitiveness, and perfection. Those who belong to this category are either highly praised for their ambitious nature, or criticized for elevated stress levels and lack of patience. The extreme level of this state can be both good or bad. Excessive self-criticism can lead to self-damage and on the contrary, high standards and ambitions can also ensure greater personality development. 

High strung woman

How to know if you have this mental condition?

Some people pronounce it as a type of anxiety. It is scary because this mental health issue has become so common in our cultures that many times the person suffering from it hardly knows or recognizes it as a disorder. He will always look for faults in the factors he cannot control for whatever wrong is happening in his life. Though the intensity and traits of this issue vary from person to person, the following are the most common signs that you are a high-strung person.

  •         You are a perfectionist and extremely goal-oriented person.
  •         You often confuse impatience with efficiency. Doing it quick is not always doing it right.
  •         You are always in a hurry. All the tasks assigned to you are always taken as urgent.
  •         You often agonize on minor things. Who would mind the roommate laughing a bit louder watching his favorite comic?
  •         You often take things in mind. The stress levels are usually elevated and it’s hard to relax.
  •         You are more sensitive than people think you are. This is accompanied by nervous habits.

How to be a less high-strung person?

If left unsorted and unresolved, being a high-strung personality can cost you more than you think. We cannot measure or quantify the solutions and their impacts but we can tell from you today that whether it was better than your yesterday. The following are the most promising ways you can come out of this disorder.

  1. Train Yourself: You might not control your emotions, but you can certainly choose course of your actions. Train yourself to be calmer and more composed in your responses. Take out time. Stop and evaluate.
  2. Make a Choice to Change: This self-explaining way holds very true in the majority of cases. This can be applied in your lives by stopping at highly emotional moments and thinking about if your response is even worth it or not.
  3. Value Yourself: In the race of perfection, we often leave ourselves behind and carry the burden o our targets and achievements. It is very important to put yourself ahead of everything in your life and treat yourself with the utmost respect. 
  4. Mediate: No wonder why monks live a more peaceful life than most of us? Meditation gives your mind the necessary break and re-establishes the required coordination between your physical and mental health.


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