How to Waterproof Doc Martens?

Docs were initially introduced for people suffering from foot pain. However, people who had to work on their feet all day also started using them, and now, they are one of the best and most demanded shoes all over the world.

Docs are the most comfy, snuggest, and comfortable shoes anyone can find in the market. They were specially designed to provide relief to people who stand all day. They gained much popularity as many waiters, workers, engineers, and even students started buying them.

Doc Martens are one of the most versatile shoes as they can go with all dresses. Also, their yellow stitching, durability, and cushioning have inspired people a lot. People of all ages use them as they are multi-purpose shoes.

Are Doc Martens Waterproof?

The majority of Doc Martens shoes are neither waterproof nor water-resistant. However, some Doc Martens are water-resistant but not totally waterproof. The brand has now introduced some new boots and claims that they are waterproof, and can be used on all terrains as well as in every weather.

Can I use Doc Martens in the snow?

Doc Martens are highly durable as they are made from leather. However, they are not waterproof and aren’t suitable to use in the snow. The leather is also a bit thin, so unless you wear warm socks underneath, Doc Martens will not be the right choice to wear.

Also, snow can sometimes get into the shoes and make you wet as they aren’t waterproof. Walking on a little snowy area is somehow ok, but they aren’t much cushioned and padded to keep your feet warm and cozy in winter.

So, if you live in an area with mild weather, Doc Martens are perfect. Consequently, avoid using them in snowy areas as they won’t be much suitable.

Can I use Doc Martens in the rain?

Doc Martens are secret rain boots. They can go fine on any rainy day. However, if there is mild rain outside, you can wear Doc Martens as they have good water-resisting properties.

On the other hand, it would be better to wear some old rubber boots instead of Doc Martens in heavy rains. They aren’t waterproof, so spending a lot of time in the rain can cause water to seep into the boots.

It is ok to wear Doc Martens in a drizzle, as they can remain dry even after spending a lot of time outside in such conditions.

How do I make my Doc Martens waterproof?

There are many ways of waterproofing Doc Martens. However, the best and most convenient way is using a waterproof spray. They are a much easier treatment than traditional beeswax. These sprays cannot make your Doc Martens waterproof forever but will provide a temporary coat that can prevent water from seeping into the shoes in the rain.

How to use a waterproof spray on my Doc Martens?

There are a lot of waterproof sprays for different materials. Some work best for leather, while others for suede and canvas. So, choosing the right spray according to your Doc Marten’s material is essential.

Here’s the complete guide to using a waterproof spray on Doc Martens.

  • Clean your Doc Martens and remove the laces if necessary.
  • Hold the spray bottle in your hand and lightly spray it on your shoes. Make sure to maintain a distance of 6-8 inches.
  • Also, spray on the entire shoe, especially the seams where the upper connects to the outsole.
  • You can hang the shoes to prevent the spray from sticking on your hand.
  • It is always a better choice to spray the shoes in a ventilated area to decrease your exposure to noxious fumes.
  • Let the spray dry but don’t saturate it.
  • You may require 2-3 coatings on suede or nubuck materials as they have an irregular pattern. However, a single layer on leather shoes may be enough to make them waterproof.

Our recommendation TO Waterproof Doc Martens:

There are many waterproof sprays on the market. They don’t cost much and can provide an excellent waterproof layer to your Doc Mortens while maintaining their shine and durability.

Crep Protect Universal Protector Men’s Aerosol Sprays Natural:

The Crep Protect universal protector is a great waterproof spray that can work perfectly on many materials, including suede, nubuck, and canvas. We like the invisible coating it makes on the shoes, thus acting as a barrier and preventing water and stains from damaging the boots.

This spray doesn’t let water get into the shoes. Instead, it just slides down. Water and oil stains remain on the shoes, but they also slide off by using a cloth.

It is perfect to use on leather as it won’t alter its color. When sprayed on white shoes, it keeps them clean till the end of the day, so you are free from the hassle of cleaning shoes again and again.

Overall, it is a very useful waterproofing spray and restores the durability of the shoes.


There are many effective methods of waterproofing your Doc Martens. However, none of them can match using a waterproofing spray as it is highly convenient and effective. You spray the bottle on your shoes, and it’s done! Your shoes remain dry and clean throughout the day.

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