Buy it for Life – Le Creuset 10-¼” Signature Iron Handle Skillet

Cast iron skillets are indispensable in the kitchens of home cooks and professional chefs alike—and Le Creuset’s signature iron handle skillet is an evolution of enameled cast-iron cookware, along with the rest of cooking wares from the same collection. It blends its classic form with ergonomic innovations drawing inspiration from culinary craftsmanship.


With 10+ colors to choose from, this skillet from Le Creuset is a versatile addition to your kitchen. The skillet’s black enamel interior eliminates the need for traditional seasoning and maintenance of other raw cast-iron cookware which makes it an excellent choice for low-fat cooking. It also comes with an expansive surface and superior heat retention.

The skillet has a large loop helper just right across its handle to assist you in having a better grip of the skillet even while wearing a pair of oven mitts. Instead of oven mitts, you may also opt to put a silicone or rubber sleeve on both handles as the pan can get painfully hot (like any other iron skillet) when you cook with it long enough. Aside from protecting your hand, this is also a convenient way for you to directly lift the pan while cooking as needed.


With its size of 10-¼ inches, it is much easier to use compared to those large Le Creuset pans that can be so heavy. This is perfect to use for small amounts of food because of its 8-inch cooking surface.


The skillet is reportedly durable. As a nice modern cast-iron that is well constructed, most people find the cooking surface still in good shape and just as great as it did the first time they used this skillet, even after an average of 3 years’ worth of constant use.

With excessive usage over the years, it is normal to observe damages on your skillet—just like any other product. Damages may be scratches or cracks in the enamel cooking surface, and a hotspot on its bottom part due to the heat it absorbs when used. Just make sure to follow cleaning instructions to make it look and function as new as can be.


A common misconception is that this skillet is nonstick. Unfortunately, it is not and nor does the official description of the product say that it is. It is also not meant to be seasoned as some may think is the problem. The interior is sealed with enamel which means you can’t season it like bare cast-iron, although it doesn’t stick as much as a regular cast-iron. Generally, if you have a working knowledge of how to use this skillet, food will not stick.

You will love to cook almost anything with this skillet because food tastes better. It provides even heat throughout the cooking surface that makes it work well on a grilled sandwich, meat, or vegetables. In some instances, it will also leave superior texture to your food.

If you’re used to cooking with cast iron, it honestly takes a bit of skill to master your skillet’s uses. For example, you don’t have to turn up the fire too high once it’s already heated. Once set, you can cook almost anything in it.

The enamel cooking surface is relatively smooth so a quick spray of PAM or an evenly spread coating of olive oil will prevent your food from sticking. This is an enamel coated skillet, so it must be cleaned with warm soapy water carefully.


Le Creuset 10-¼” signature iron handle skillet is $180 apiece. It is relatively expensive as compared to other brands but you are comforted with a reliable Le Creuset quality. Come to think of it, this skillet can be considered as an investment that will most likely last for generations. While others may find this skillet from Le Creuset useful and beneficial, others may not. It all boils down to preference.

If you bought your skillet on Le Creuset’s website or any other authorized websites, you are entitled to a product warranty—assuming that you have not misused your skillet and that you didn’t bring about any defects.

If in case your product was delivered at the comfort of your home and it came scratched or defective, then you can opt for your skillet to be replaced. Pretty convenient, right? 

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