Maxiflex Gloves

 General-purpose utility gloves

If you are specifically looking for a waterproof glove, thermal glove, or snow gloves for freezing temperatures, thoroughly search for a Maxiflex glove designed for the purpose you are looking for. Maxiflex is known for offering variations of general-purpose utility gloves perfect for all-day comfort and there’s always one available for what you need and whatever kind of job you need to accomplish such as pruning trees, building houses, moving around large equipment, and even handling small items.


Maxiflex gloves are known to be durable and resistant from tearing. On an average, people say they get to use their gloves every single day for 2 to 3 years while doing medium to heavy work but the shape remains as good as it was from day one. Although it is worth noting that these gloves will not protect one’s hands when it comes to sharp-edged objects, such as glass or thorns, and rough surfaces—similar to all other gloves which have their own set of limitations.


The best thing about Maxiflex gloves is that you don’t necessarily have to remove them to perform simple movements such as installing washers or bolts, even while sending a text message or having to call someone from your phone. This literally means you can use your pair of gloves all day if you want to because of skin-tight fit, almost as if you’re not wearing gloves at all. Generally, these gloves offer good skin protection without adding bulkiness or extra weight onto your hands in doing various activities.


Thin gloves with grip

These are thin gloves with grip as the palm side of the glove is coated with a nitrile material (nitrile butadiene rubber) while its backside is a stretchy nylon fabric. The nitrile coating material is compatible with light oils that provide excellent grip and abrasion resistance that doesn’t compromise dexterity in a variety of applications. The knit wrist, on the other hand, helps in preventing debris from entering the glove.

Maxiflex gloves are designed using GRIPtech. This is a technology that optimizes grip through a micro-cup finish which enables your hands to have a controlled grip. The nitrile palm coating is coarse to the touch which means that you will find that products tend to stick to the hand without slipping.


Best work gloves for construction

Maxiflex gloves are designed using technology that guarantees outstanding performance during handling tasks. AD-APT technology is activated by your hand movements and it prevents your hands from sweating and getting hot. GRIPtech, on the other hand, is infused into the lining of the gloves. It enables your hand to have total control when handling materials.

The cooling design and “grippy” palms aid in reducing hand fatigue as much as it aids your grip. Such features make the gloves well suited to handling both tricky, tactile items and larger, coarser items. It also provides the right amount of balance between mechanical protection and the sensitivity needed to handle items with control and precision.


Maxiflex gloves are a top pick or the first choice when it comes to commercial and industrial worksites because of its provided comfort, breathability, grip, mechanical protection, and sensitivity. These gloves are proven effective and useful in the following:

  • Light handling tasks
  • Heavy-duty handling tasks
  • Precision handling
  • Tactile handling
  • Dry handling
  • Outdoor handling
  • Handling rough and coarse materials
  • Handling smooth materials
  • Handling small materials


Best work gloves for dexterity

Maxiflex gloves are extremely thin and offer a high level of dexterity with its thickness of not much larger than a millimeter. This level of dexterity makes it ideal for handling materials because it gives you firm control of your movement and your grip.


Breathable nitrile work gloves

The overall construction of the glove will protect your hands, even from the heat. Because of its microfoam coating, Maxiflex gloves are known to be the most breathable pair of gloves out on the market today. By using AD-APT technology, the gloves release a natural cooling agent upon recognition of an increased temperature in your hands. The natural cooling agent keeps your hands dry and cool. and the cooling agent will continue to last for the duration of the gloves life.


Maxiflex gloves come in different sizes. With seven sizes from XS to XXXL, you’re sure to find a size that suits your hands best. Just make sure to double-check the glove’s dimensions as well as the size of your hand before placing your orders online, regardless if you know your size already.


Keeping a pair together

It is very easy to store your Maxiflex gloves and to keep your pair as new as can be. You can either place it right inside your toolbox or simply carry it around with you. So as not to damage the gloves, carefully roll the wristband like you do to keep your socks together. 


When cleaning, be sure to use either a commercial laundry soap or a detergent with warm to medium hot water not exceeding 40°C and rinse off with cold water. Tumble dry your pair when done. Remember that you must refrain from using dry cleaning solutions as this will likely lead to your gloves being damaged.


Price of Maxiflex gloves

Such great gloves come in different sizes and prices which are typically packed in 3 pairs. Though considered as disposable gloves, each pair pretty much lasts for several months. As most people who trust the brand would say, it’s practical.


Maxiflex gloves in comparison to other brands

While others find it relatively useful and beneficial, there are those who prefer other brands or just simply other types of gloves.


Professionals from commercial and industrial worksites are those who trust Maxiflex gloves the most. Some say they have been using these gloves for 20 years in the trades. This is often because of the gloves’ functions and versatility that help them do their work as efficiently as possible.

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