The Perfect Hoodie: Lightweight Merino Wool good from 50°-100°F

Woolly Clothing Men’s Merino Wool Henley Hoodie

The men’s Merino Wool Henley hoodie comes in four colours; black, moss, slate  and charcoal. The material is 100% Australian merino wool and has been reported to be “a modern fit for daily wear” and it can also be used as an essential part to winter layering,the material also being light and breathable. The hoodie brings you all the benefits you could get from any merino in normal  everyday styles that work. The material is also odorless, anti-microbial, fire resistant and moisture resistant as well. 

Material/ Design

The material is light and firm so you will not experience any unraveling of loose threads and it also takes up very little space so is an ideal item for minimalist backpackers. The hoodie looks like a blend of casual and stylish and is very lightweight. Despite that, it will keep you warm and is even comfortable to sleep in during camping trips. The design is ideal for hiking and backpacking since the colours are all cold resistant and the hoodie does its job. 



Users have reported it as being a perfectly warm first layer to wear in any extremely cold weather as well as the only extra layer when it comes to mildly cool weather. The material is soft and comfortable and the hood fits perfectly around the face, leaving no extra space so it is great for walking or hiking outside or even wearing indoors when one wants to relax and unwind. It is true to size and fits smuly around the waist and chest as well. Unlike some new hoodies that itch upon first purchasing them, this material feels extremely soft, light and does not itch at all. The fact that it is light, breathable and fits well makes it great for athletic practices as well and although it requires a little extra care while washing and drying, the comfort it provides surely makes up for any inconvenience that may cause. 



The hooie requires to be washed with wool soap and dries in about two hours. It does not shrink at all and the sweat patches either disappear or are hard to notice due to the dark colours before they completely vanish. The material is soft yet firm and does not fray at the edges. Moreover, it does not hold body odor so it is ideal for repeated use as well. 



The hoodie might seem a little pricey at first glance but once you have used it for a couple of days, you son realise that the price is completely justified and it is exactly like investing in a good T shirt that you do not need to change because the material does not show any sweat patches, is odorless and easy to wash as well.Moreover, the light and fuzzy material makes it a good garment for jogging and hiking.  It is a good long term investment that is guaranteed to keep you warm in all kinds of weather. 


The Merino Wool Henley Hoodie is available for purchase on Amazon and is guaranteed to make one fall in love both with the brand and the hoodie itself. Returns are easy and the company would be happy to sort out any issues regarding size or quality control.


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