Mini Crock-Pot Lunch Food Warmer

Mini Crock-Pot Lunch Food Warmer

If you are an office person who is done with cold office salads, or if you are working in a small space and don’t like ordering fast food as it is expensive ( not to mention unhealthy too ), or if you are a teacher and you are tired of all the turkey sandwiches, or if you are a housewife and you are concerned about your dinner leftovers, we have brought you the best thing you would wish for.

Crock-Pot Lunch warmer has been created with an amazing technology that meets all the modern requirements to give you a warm and healthy treat of a food. Just plug it in half an hour before you go to lunch and you will come back wishing for more. No smell of cooking, no electronics hazards, no hot pot handling issues, no compromises on health. Just bring this food warmer to your home/workplace and take pleasure in eating your favorite homemade curries.

Things to look for in a Food Warmer:

We have seen most customers confused while buying quality products for food preservation and cooking. A lot of them can’t differentiate food warmer crock pots with ordinary tiffin boxes and end up buying substandard products. We have worked this all out for you. The following are key factors to be kept in consideration when buying a food warmer.

  1.       Comfortability: What matters most in the food warming pot is the ease and comfort it offers you in its handling. The handle should be made up of insulating material. The lid should tighten in at the right place. The cord should be long enough to reach a table when plugged in.
  2.       Reusability: The material of pot will decide how easily it can be washed and cleaned after every use. Sometimes some pots are very good at warming food but it leaves stains on inner pot walls which don’t leave easily. The walls that touch the food should be made up of stainless steel which upon hundreds of uses won’t mix in your food.
  3.       Temperature Control: Many customers complain about the overheating of the storage pot that results in ruining the lunch. The pot must have decisive temperature control to keep track of warmth and to get the desired amount of heat to penetrate through the food in the selected time.
  4.       Durability: This depends upon the quality of stainless steel used in the outer pot and food-grade material to keep your food safe from free radicals. The design should be smart and pot should be easy to take with you to other places.
  5.       Good Size: Warm food is the priority but you can’t afford to take with you a bulky food container to your class, office, or workplace, it wouldn’t simply look classy. Your food warmer has to have a friendly size, smart outlook with a pleasing color scheme in the exterior to catch the eye of everyone passing by.

Brief Description of the Product

I decided to write this review to share with you my good experience with this product. Honestly in the beginning I was a bit confused about some bad reviews but since when I had my hands on the delicious warm food it served all my confusion was gone. This product is designed rightly keeping in mind your facility, it has easy travel lid for portability, a removable vessel to hold and transport food, power indicator which will allow you to warm your favorite soups, curry or you say it.

My Product Review

Having used this food warmer for my taste, I feel confident enough to talk about its details and key features.

·         Sealed Lid

The outer lid decides the ease of pot while putting the food in and out of it. I found the lid of this food pot to be super sealed and it does not just help in maintaining the inner temperature but also keeps the food spill-proof making it ideal for portable use like in travel and drives.

·         Carrying Handle

It feels quite weird when you have to fetch your food pot in a hug at your workplace. This is not the story with the Crock-pot food warmer as it has a stylish handle to carry it around without compromising your personality. I found the exterior to be of splendid colored Outlook and it’s completely cool to touch.

·         Cord Storage

The cord is one of the vital parts of any electronic device and its proper handling and storage are necessary for the durability of the product. My concerns about the cord were completely addressed in this Crock-pot as after I am done enjoying my flavorful meals, I can easily plug out the cord, wrap it and store it in the sufficient space around the base. It makes the space neat, tidy, and smooth from outside.

·         Removable Food Vessel

Food carrying items need to be washed frequently and all such products must have ease of washing. And in my experience, this Lunch warmer by Crock-pot is completely equipped with this as the inner vessel that keeps food is made up of stainless steel and is easily removable. So, once you are done with your meals, the container and the lid can easily be washed using hot water. Your food pot is all new and ready for the next meal. Also, you don’t need to travel with the entire food warmer when filing or transporting food from the kitchen.

·         Heating Base

I am one of those who usually can’t control the hunger and want to get my hands on my Lunch as soon as I can. So, I needed a pot that can serve hot food as quickly as possible. And I found this Crock-pot to meet my requirement. I just plug in the food pot when I reach my place and wait until I finish my work. The warming base conveniently heats my food the moment I am ready to eat. The exterior is stiff and cool to touch, so I don’t need to worry about getting burns while picking up the pot.  

Mini crock pot portable meal warmer

This crockpot is a great portable meal warmer. It can warm your food wherever you go. It’s nice and small, and you can take it with you. It’s not too big and bulky. It’s easy to pack in a bag to take to work. And all you need is an energy source, and you can power it up and eat your food. Once powered up was going to be warm in about an hour, it will be ready to go. This is one of the smallest most portable options available on the market. 

Reheating in crock pot

This little crock pot is an excellent choice to reheat your food and it’s just the right size for one person to reheat their leftovers or lunch. doesn’t take too long to get warm and just the right size To do so. You can dump your food right into the container. All you have to do is plug it in. Once you plug it in, it will heat your food up. It’ll cycle on and off so as not to burn your food and it does a great job reheating your food. It tastes a lot better than a microwave because it’s a nice consistent, warm, bubbling heat.  that is this tastes better than a microwave 

Crock pot for car 

This may be the most viable option if you’re looking for a crockpot to reheat your food in the car. You will have to power it some way, but that is not too hard with a little bit of thought. You can power it in multiple ways. The easiest way is going to be to get an inverter for your car. You can plug an inverter into your cigarette lighter, and it will give you options to plug in AC devices that need 110 volts AC. This is precisely what you need. You just got to make sure that that the inverter has enough wattage for your mini crockpot.  

Another option to reheat this on the go is with a portable battery station that has a battery and a built-in inverter all in one. You take this battery station, and you recharge it. But when you’re using it, it supplies enough power and has enough watts to heat your food with this mini crockpot. Portable power stations can be useful for a multitude of things in your car, especially if you’d like to go camping or have multiple appliances, you’re running out of your vehicle throughout the day. You don’t want to have them to worry about draining down your car’s battery. 


Final Word

This cool to touch, lovely designed, portable food warmer is the last thing you would like to miss on an office tour, family picnic, friends party & long travel. This budget-friendly crockpot will conveniently heat your food until your stomach grows butterflies for it. Experience your favorite flavors with Crock-Pot to make them life-lasting.


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