My Sleep Mask of Choice after Researching Hundreds of Reddit Reviews

After having read hundreds of reviews through every thread on Reddit in search of the best sleep mask there could possibly be, I finally found several brands that people really stand by.


There are currently hundreds of brands that manufacture sleep masks of sorts on a daily basis. I took the liberty of compiling together the best brands out in the market today and came up with this list of 7 brands that are quite popular for the different purposes they serve.

Sleep Mask

As for me, the best brand I choose for myself is the Gravity Weighted sleep mask. I particularly like how the weight is similar to laying with your forearm lightly rested over your eyes because of its bean-bag design — it’s both relaxing and comforting at the same time! The fact that I sleep on my back all night long as well as my preference for a pitch-black sleeping environment also makes this sleep mask perfect for me.

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Depending on your sleeping style and preferences, however, there are a few more options and products for you to consider. If you’re in search of the best sleep mask for you, you might as well start going over this categorized list. 


Best “weightless” sleep mask: Earth Therapeutics 

Early Therapeutics is for day sleepers or specifically if you’re someone who likes wearing masks but doesn’t want to feel any weight on your eyes. This mask is also allowing pressure-free relaxed eye movement while blocking out distracting light.

Its material has a heavenly-soft combination of silk and cotton that just envelopes your eyes in cool comfort and velvety darkness. It’s generally snug and perfectly contoured — it just hugs your face at all the right places!


Suitable for: Back, stomach, and side sleepers (especially those on a budget).


Best sleep mask for travelers: Bedtime Bliss 

Bedtime bliss’ original sleep mask comes with earplugs and a carry pouch — making it ideal for the traveler on the go. It certainly is the perfect solution to ensure that you get a good sleep and wake up feeling refreshed.


Their 3D breathable design enables rem sleep with room to open your eyes — meaning it won’t touch your eyes, catch on your eyelashes, or make your eyes puffy!


Suitable for: Back, stomach, and side sleepers — even for kids!


Best light-blocking sleep mask: Manta Sleep

The Manta mask guarantees 100% blackout! It also claims to be fit for every face as the mask’s adjustable, extra-deep eye cups can be shifted around — which allows you to position the covers in the angle that you prefer. Its eye feature also allows you to blink like you’re not wearing a sleeping mask!


Manta mask’s true blackout function will give you the maximum deep sleep you deserve in any environment and whatever position you sleep in. This mask is made to last with its extra-soft modal eyecups, breathable cotton velour strap, snag-free micro hook or microfleece closures, and industrial-grade elastics.


Suitable for: Light sleepers.


Best sleep mask for allergies: Dream Sleeper

If you have allergies (or not),  Dream Sleeper is the mask for you! It is hypoallergenic made up of soft silky satin with a micro-cotton interior, the Dream Sleeper sleep eye mask will block out 100% of all light — including a little noise. Its extra-wide velcro enclosure will also assure a snug comfortable fit regardless of your head’s shape or size.


One more good thing about the Dream Sleeper mask is that when and if you lose it, the company will replace it for you. All you need to do is pay for the shipping and/or handling, then they got you covered!


Suitable for: All types of sleepers.


Best sleep mask for relaxation: Alaska Bear


Alaska Bear’s silk material will feel smooth and irritation-free against your skin. It is a sleep aid and eye relaxer made of 100% top-quality natural mulberry silk on both front and back sides. Ideal for insomnia, migraine headaches, and dry-eye sufferers because of its breathable, natural silk fibers allows healthy oxygen while keeping dry air out.


This face mask, unfortunately, does not provide total blackout for you when you sleep. It doesn’t properly conform to the nose which allows light to sneak in at the bottom. This problem could be avoided if you were a stomach sleeper.


Suitable for: Stomach sleepers.


Best sleep mask for midday nappers: Sleep Master

This Sleep Master mask is a fully adjustable, light-weight, and breathable cool satin sleep mask. It is durable, soft, flexible, and wide to surround your head comfortably. It also connects easily in the back with its velcro strips.


This mask fits over both your eyes and your ears which helps in muffling some of the noise that can disturb your sleep. It won’t completely shut out noise, but it also comes with soft earplugs to block out even more — making it the ideal midday company should you decide to take a nap.


Suitable for: Back, stomach, and side sleepers.


Best sleep mask with aromatherapy feature: Dream Essentials 

The solitude pocket sleep mask from Dream Essentials has a pocket in the front where you can slip in a fragrant sachet — perfect for those into aromatherapy to have a good night’s sleep!


Along with the mask, you get a free, high quality French lavender aromatherapy sachet. If you want to use other scents, you can freely do so. You can also use the mask as a standard sleeping mask without the pocket (which, then, you can use to store your earplugs).


Suitable for: Back sleepers and people suffering from insomnia.


Best sleep mask for eye pressure: Gravity Weighted

If you’re looking for a mask that adds some relaxing weight to your face while blocking out the light, the Gravity Weighted mask is the right one for you! Made up of the brand’s signature micro-plush and luxurious imitation cashmere with fine-grade glass beads, you’re sure to benefit from this mask.


It specifically primes your body for sleep by blocking out light and distributing light touch across key relaxation pressure points in your face, which allows you to fall asleep faster and sleep more deeply. You also have the option to freeze or to warm this mask for best sleeping experience.


Suitable for: Back sleepers.

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