Reddit’s Best Pillow for Different Types of Sleepers

Are you experiencing pain, snoring, or tossing and turning when you sleep at night? These are all signs of sleeping wrong. You might want to check out if your pillow’s the problem and if it needs changing — although we’re almost certain that it is and it does.

Reddit's Pillow of Choice

With a lot of pillow brands out in the market today, I took the liberty to scavenge every thread on Reddit with regard to the best pillow type and brand there is for different functions. As expected, I’ve read about a hundred of them! Don’t you worry, though. I’ve narrowed down my list into just a couple of brands that people stand by.


As for my personal preference, the body pillow from Coop Home Goods is the one for me. I’m relatively short and the pillow perfectly runs from my collarbone to my feet — it somehow feels like it’s everywhere I need it to be! It is light enough for me to toss it from each of my sides when I want to, but at the same time, it’s also heavy to stay in its place.

Depending on your personal preferences, there are a lot more different choices for you to consider if you want to know the perfect pillow suitable for you. You may start your search by going through this categorized list:


Best for all-around: Snuggle-Pedic

A standout feature of a Snuggle-Pedic pillow is that it offers orthopedic support. Its unique combination of resilience and fluffiness will adjust to any position you sleep in — making it the perfect headrest for side, back, and stomach sleepers.


This pillow is constructed with a breathable bamboo rayon cover and shredded memory foam fill. Memory Foam is a polyurethane material modified with safe chemicals to enhance the density and provide more support. The material is specifically body heat sensitive and molds into a comfortable, supportive shape when used.


Good quality shredded memory foam solves all your sleep-related issues because of its ability to conform to the shape of your neck and head. Its moldability, snuggability, and superior ability to relieve pain and pressure makes it an all-around pillow you can pretty much bring everywhere and anytime.


Suitable for: All types of sleepers.


Best for travel: HOMCA

If we were to be completely honest, there’s no such closer experience to sleeping in your bed when you travel for long hours, specifically in planes, buses, ferries, and/or even in your own car! This case aside, having a HOMCA travel pillow provides just the right amount (or even more) of comfort you need to be able to snooze for a while.


Perfectly designed for travelers, the pillow is relatively easy to inflate and deflate. It also comes with an eye mask — making it easier to relax, fall asleep, and stay asleep longer than usual while making sure you achieve the most comforting forward posture. You can even use your mobile for movies, books, or games while using the pillow!


The best thing about this pillow is that you do not necessarily need something to prop it up against because it can just sit on your lap while you put your arms through the bottom, hug the pillow, and lay your head on the top where the opening is.


Suitable for: Forward sleepers for travelers.


Best bang for the buck: Live & Sleep

There’s no need to spend a lot on other luxury pillows when you can drift off to dreamland on the supremely affordable and comfortable Live & Sleep! This five-inch head contouring pillow offers the amazing pressure-relieving benefits of memory foam and deep down correct support of HD foam. Achieve greater sleeping nights with just the right amount of support, comfort, and price combined!


Two other outstanding features of a Live & Sleep pillow is that it provides anti-snore relief, as well as its smart compression technology that allows the pillow to expand back to its original shape every time! Along with your pillow is a guaranteed 30-day risk-free sleep trial to make sure it’s the right pillow for you and your sleeping preferences.


Suitable for: Back, stomach, and side sleepers.


Best cooling pillow: Coop Home Goods

Your search for the perfect adjustable pillow has come to an end! Coop Home Goods’ the Eden features soft, gel-infused memory foam and microfiber fill blend for a cooler sleep experience and a suited design for edge-to-edge support.


Its unique adjustable design allows you to access the memory foam fill, which you can add or remove to suit your size, shape, or sleep position. 


The case is made with proprietary Lulltra fabric, a blend of bamboo-derived viscose rayon and polyester for breathability and softness. Unlike other pillows, Coop Home Goods freshly manufactures their foam instead of using repurposed materials. A bonus ½ lb bag of fill is included with your order if you need a higher loft for your pillow.


Another great thing about this, should you plan to purchase, is that if you don’t fall in love with your pillow within 100 nights, you can get a full refund, no questions asked! Each Coop Home Goods Eden pillow also comes with a 5-year warranty.


Suitable for: Stomach sleepers, overheaters, soft pillow lovers.



Best adjustable for contour: Uttu Sandwich Pillow

The UTTU Sandwich Pillow is an orthopedic pillow designed to help you find a better way of sleeping. The memory foam filling of this sandwich pillow is very soft, and even when it’s not shredded memory foam, it nicely conforms to the natural shape of your body. 


The best feature of this pillow is the fact that it’s adjustable. You can remove the middle layer of the pillow if you are not comfortable with the height which means you can customize it to accommodate almost anybody. 


The quality of the foam is also decent. It’s soft and holds up pretty well under varying temperatures. It’s a good quality memory foam that will retain its firmness and fluffiness for years to come. The cover material has a soft feel in the skin, and it’s hypoallergenic which makes it safe for use even by people who have allergies. 


Suitable for: All types of sleepers.


Best neck pillow: Travelon

Travelon, specifically Deluxe Wrap-n-Rest Pillow, may be wrapped around the entirety of your neck. This very feature will be able to provide you the maximum support you need when traveling. It’s perfect to use for travel as it cradles your neck, head, and chin for full and comfortable support while sleeping in a sitting position. 


Its U shape and interlocking ends will help in keeping the pillow in place and will prevent your head from falling forward, chin drops, and neck strains. In simpler terms, it will help prevent a “rock concert” head bob while still being semi-compact when you use it and bring it along.


Its wrap style may be customizable to fit your neck the way you want it to — a major difference from traditional, classic traveling pillows we’re all used to. This pillow will quite resemble a stuffed scarf when you wear it because of its wrap-around feature. The filling in the pillow is firm enough to be supportive and plush enough to be held almost like a stuffed animal.


Suitable for: All types of travelers. 


Best body pillow: Coop Home Goods

Coop Home Goods’ body pillow is your perfect companion whether you’re sleeping, watching TV, or just taking it easy on the couch. This pillow will encourage side sleeping, a relatively healthy sleeping position that will help reduce the likelihood of snoring. It’s good for your airway and even better for your partner’s happiness.


This body pillow will help you achieve more restful and peaceful sleep orthopedically-designed to provide comfortable support and relief for all your pressure points. The pillow also supports healthy alignment and conforms to your every curve. Filled with a medium-firm blend of memory foam and microfiber, it will keep you snoozing comfortably every night, as in the whole night!


The best thing about this pillow is that regardless if you’re petite or over 6-feet tall, you can customize your adjustable body pillow to conform to your needs. You may add, remove, or shape the fill to create different levels of support throughout the pillow. 


Suitable for: Side sleepers.


Best for neck pain relief: EPABO Contour Memory Foam

EPABO’s Contour Memory Foam pillow provides therapeutic relief for neck pain, regardless of what position you love to sleep in. Its premium fabric will also keep you cool and comfortable throughout the night.


You may experience some discomfort during the first two weeks while your body is trying to adjust to the correct position. Right after the transition phase, its proven contour design will perfectly support and align your head, neck, shoulder, and back. You will then be able to fall asleep faster and deeper.


The breathable memory foam will provide better air circulation to keep you cool and dry. Their hypoallergenic pillowcase also feels silky soft and smooth while providing dust mite protection. EPABO is so confident in the quality of their pillow that they offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with it for any reason, just contact them to return the product for a full refund.


Suitable for: All types of sleepers.



Best for back pain relief: BeautifulLife Bed Roll Pillow

Recommended by chiropractors, physical therapists, sports trainers, and doctors, BeautifulLife’s bed roll pillow uses 100% premium quality visco-elastic memory foam is hypoallergenic and provides excellent comfort and support to different areas of the body, such as lower back, knees, hips, legs or ankles. and is best for back, side, or stomach sleepers, knee or hip replacement after surgery recovery, or during pregnancy.


Ensure your spine or hip alignment and relaxation, positively improve your quality of sleep and rejuvenate your body — all with the use of this memory foam pillow! It’s also perfect to provide cushion and lumbar support for sleeping or sitting while relieving lower back and sciatic nerve pains, scoliosis, and sciatica relief.


Use this half-moon bolster as:

  • under knee support pillow;
  • spacer between your legs;
  • lumbar support while you’re sitting on a reclining sofa/couch/chair;
  • elevate your legs while sleeping on your back; or 
  • position under your ankles to lift your feet for better circulation while reducing varicose veins and accelerating post-surgery recovery; 
  • car seat back lumbar support while driving.


Suitable for: All types of sleepers, pregnant women, and those with knee or hip surgery.


Best for shoulder pain relief: Maxchange Cervical Pillow

Maxchange cervical pillow will provide therapeutic support. It will help you to relax and sleep well, soothe your neck and shoulder aches and sores — making it ideal for a pain-free sleep while alleviating tension and fatigue. 


Maxchange recommends their pillow users to leave their pillows sitting in their sleeping area for a few hours to make it adjust with the room temperature. The hardness of the pillow depends on the surrounding temperature, it gets softer at high temperatures and a little harder at low temperatures.


This pillow also features an adjustable height because of additional foam at the bottom which took people’s options and choices into great consideration.


Suitable for: Back and side sleepers.


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