Remington MB 6850 Vacuum Stubble and Beard Trimmer

If you are one of those people who feel reluctant to visit barbers very often to get beards trimmed, or you are always worried about hygienic conditions at saloons as there is a greater chance of being exposed to certain diseases there or don’t find the time to visit any because of your busy schedule or tight travel schedule, you don’t need to worry anymore. Remington has come up with just the right thing for your requirements.


I am writing this review for the purpose to shout out this amazing product that I recently got my hands one. Generally, when we choose trimmers, we assume it would be the perfect thing for setting flawless sideburns, giving a perfect shot to lighted beard, and developing new looks with short hair, but often we are misguided with cheap products. 


This is where Remington Vacuum Trimmer comes up with its unique technology that offers a 95% collection of trimmed hairs. Such a relief, I have always ruined towels and spread hair on the bathroom floor creating such a mess. This tension is gone forever. Also, with its adjustable blades, you can set the cutting length your convenience, you can handle it easily and give yourself a nice new haircut. 

What things do we look for in a Beard Trimmer? 

I have always struggled to choose the right product for my haircare any beard. The confusion is justifiable. Only a small visit to the market would reveal to you the great variety of products available. Though the main service remains the same there are certainly more things to a trimmer that decides its market value and quality. Based on my experience and some research I have found out following things to look for when buying a trimmer for your perfect beard look:


  1. Price Range: It is of course first and very important factor. While looking on the price lists don’t get carried away by the high price products with fancy claims. A lot of them don’t justify their price. 
  2. Length Variability: The length of the trimmer decides the precision of cutting. Generally, trimmers with provided combs/guards are preferred.
  3. Quality: From quality I mean the quality of blades and body. If a trimmer has anything other than stainless steel in its blades, you should look for anything else. The grip gives the controls & external of the trimmer will be a factor in its durability.
  4. Battery: One of the worst feelings in the world is to leave your bathroom with a half-trimmed beard because of the battery going out of power. This shows the importance of having a powerful battery that can last longer. Also, people prefer cordless over cord trimmers to carry around. 

Remington Beard Trimmer with Vacuum

Vacuum based trimmer is a new concept in the industry that allows users to enjoy a comfortable and lasting shave without bothering about the shirt, sunk, or floor. Equipped with lithium batteries, this device offers enough battery life to last more than one hour of cordless use. It is a lightweight, tight gripping, and easy-to-use device. A lot of customers have praised its length guards and fineness of its cut in reviews.

Beard Trimmers Vs Hair Clippers

I always used to think both of the above are the same. No, they are not. Though both are used for trimming and cutting hair. There is a basic difference between the functional expertise of both devices.  It is the blade length or size. While hair clippers are used to cut a larger chunk of hair by adjustable blades, trimmers are primarily for detailing and styling beards.

Hair Clippers with Vacuum Attachment

No matter whether you trim your hair in the yard, bathroom, or sink, you are always supposed to find hair clippings. Vacuum Attachment is a powerful solution to this problem. Though very promising this technology has yet to produce 100% results. Wahl Professional Vacuum Clipper and Remington HC6550 are arguably best hair clippers with vacuum Attachment in the market.

How to Use A Beard Trimmer with Guard?

Guards/combs are length adjustment attachments provided with some quality trimmers. You might have different lengths of hair to be trimmed and your best beard look might have different sizes than anyone else’s. That’s why you can attach the right guard in front of your trimmer and stop worrying about over-cutting.

Can We Cut Hair with A Beard Trimmer?

There is no hard and fast rule about it. Generally, it is perceived that beard Trimmers are designed to trim/style the beard with certain guard attachments so cutting hair looks a bit out of their league. But if you have many multigroom trimmers that can serve both purposes, you can get the job done.

My Product Review:

Let’s take a closer look at what makes this trimmer more promising than anything else in the market.

Powerful Vacuum

Let’s begin with the innovation itself. The Remington trimmer has this amazing suction technology which claims 95% retaining of cut hair leaving you without a great clean-up mess. The waste hair can be collected from the removable chamber. A few customers have posted in reviews about some hair to be seen on their sunk despite using this device. That’s exactly what 95% means. My only suggestion to the maker is that the vacuum bin should be a little bit larger so that I don’t have to empty it again and again. 

Self-Sharpening Washable Blades

As the heading reveals, the stainless-steel blades stay sharp with every more use. They are removable and could be fixed back after washing/rinsing. The sharpness of blades defines the precision, detailing of sideburns, neckline, and facial hair. It took me some time to get used to it as the trimmer is quite large as compared to non-vacuum trimmers, but after that I have never looked back.   

Long Battery Life

Remington trimmer is equipped with Rechargeable Lithium Power Batteries which gives a charged backup of almost 90 minutes of a full charge. It would have been better if they had added a battery meter as well. The trimmer can also be used with a cord but it’s not very comfortable so I won’t recommend it. The length of the cord might be an issue.

Full-Size Trimmer

The basic difference between a trimmer and hair clipper is that clippers are used for removing larger chunks of hair while trimmers are used for detailing and staying of facial hair. The size of the blades is large enough to craft your perfect beard look.

Variable Length Guards

With the likes of variable length guards, the Remington trimmer gives you a wide range of trimming (2-18mm). This means you can go for creating your favorite shades on your haircut too. The trimmer will equally entertain your mustaches, beard, and haircut. Some people have posted complaints regarding the length guards being bulky and easy to bend but I have a different viewpoint on this. It entirely depends upon how efficient you are at using the trimmer, you might take some time to adjust with this one.  


The performance of this trimmer has been up to the mark so far and I have noticed no degradation in its performance in the haircut as well as beard trimming.

Final Word

Available in reasonable price range, with variable length guards, long enough battery life, innovative vacuum technology, wide trimming range, choice of cord/cordless and stainless-steel washable blades, Remington Vacuum Trimmer is a smart choice to make. 

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