The Air Purifiers That Are Worth It – According to Reddit

I was spending a lot of time lately analyzing the Reddit thread, finding the best Air purifier available in the market, looking into all of their vital features, and selecting the best out of the lot. After long research, I can recommend some of the best Air Purifiers, along with a complete description of their features. To mention the fact that I spent a whole week browsing through lots of Air purifiers, noting down their pros and cons, reading countless product reviews, and finally coming up with this comprehensive report.

“LEVOIT Air Purifier” is the one that goes perfectly according to my needs. It has filters with its pre-filter, HEPA filter, and carbon filter, Vortex air technology for a stronger airflow, and quietest functions.

However, there are some other options for you depending on

  • your requirements
  • the area for which you are selecting
  • any extra features like a manual setting option, UV-C filtration, LED sensors, noise cancellation, etc.
  • And, most importantly, your budget.

Please continue reading to find the one for you among the four best Air purifiers I found in the market.

air purifier and you

Top 4 Best Air Purifiers

🏆 LEVOIT Core 300 Air Purifier 

LEVOIT Air purifier is an excellent option I found in the market to remove smoke, odor, and pollen from the air. Some of the salient features the product offers that I found effective are listed below:

300 core Ultra Fine Filtration:

It offers you with ultra-modern three stage filtration with a 300 core. You can clean pre-filters every 2-4 weeks to maintain the performance. Moreover, LEVOIT also provides replacement filters to ensure excellent performance for a long time.

Multiple Filter Types:

It comes with multiple filters. Yellow is for pet allergies, white is a regular one, green is for mold/bacteria, and blue is for the smoke. The air purifier, with its enhanced efficiency,, captures 99.97% particles in the air with the least diameter of 0.3 micrometers.

Vortexair technology:

With its Vortexair technology, it creates stronger airflow; the CADR number is 230 + m3 / h, allowing it to clean air to 219 square feet of AC 120V / 60HZ. In this way, it offers more than we expect, filling the environment around you with a fresh and pure air with its high-speed performance.

Noise-free technology:

Noise-free technology provides you with a soothing and relaxing indoor experience. The amplitude is nearly silent, with just 24decibels noise level in sleep mode.

Easy to Handle:

It is easy to use, portable, and light in weight. With its excellent design, it is also a valuable addition to modern areas, hotel rooms, and office sections.

The box comes with a detailed pamphlet that provides details of

  • multiple filters and their position and use
  • how to use this air purifier
  • how to clean the filter
  • when to look for the filter replacement.


This product is economical. I found this device absolutely worth my investment.

Coway AP-1512HH White HEPA Air purifier 💨🧽

Coway AP-1512HH White HEPA Air purifier comes with a high coverage excellent air purification system. Some of the features I considered remarkable in this product are:

4-stage filtration system

The air purifier comes with a 4 stage purification system providing you with an environment clear of 99.97% particles. The four filters it offers are:

  • Pre-filter
  • True Hepa Filter
  • A deodorizing filter
  • Vital Ion.

Salient Noise Reduction

With 24.4dB and 53.8dB silent noise compression, the product offers you with a remarkably quiet and soothing experience.

Decreased Power Consumption and LED sensors

The product uses just a 77W power while functioning. The fans stop working automatically to save energy when there is no contamination for 30 minutes. It then simply switches to Eco mode. Amazing it is, right?

LED sensor lights are available as an indicator of air quality. The brightly colored LED lets you know how clean or dirty the indoor air is every minute of the day.

Manual Speed Setting:

You can manually set fan speed at different levels from 1 to 3 according to your needs. The speed can also be adjusted automatically following air quality.

Excellent Design:

With its modern and sleek design, it can become a smart addition to modern houses, offices, hotels, and hospitals. The advanced technology provides you with all the features you may be looking for.

Worth YouR Bucks! 💵

The product has a relatively higher price than other air purifiers available in the market. However, this one-time investment can be highly rewarding in terms of its excellent features and modern technology. Moreover, it comes with cheap replacement filters to maintain the quality for a long time. You can Buy It On Amazon for not all that much.

💛 Honeywell HPA300 True HEPA Air purifier

Honeywell Air Purifier comes with many extraordinary features you must be looking for:

Good for Large Areas:

If you are looking for an air purifier for a large room or a hall, this is a recommendation from my side. It cleans the air up to 99.97% from the area of 465 square feet, making it the right choice for hall rooms.

Turbo Cleaning Function:

With three levels of air cleaning plus a Turbo cleaning setting, this Air purifier helps you remove particles such as pet hair, pollen, dust, mold, and smoke. It is also capable of capturing some germs and reducing odors.

Say No to Allergies!

Say no to allergies with this air purifier. It will remove not only allergens but also dust and odors. If you have allergies, pets, or stale air inside, Honeywell Air purifiers help remove airborne particles and improve air quality.

It provides you with a clean and healthy breathing experience and can be an excellent option for asthmatic patients or the one having breathing disorders.

Worth Your Investment:

This product is best for you in case you are allergic to some environmental allergens. So, it’s a better option than feeling ill with hypersensitivities. To maintain the performance, the company also offers cheap replacement filters. You can Buy It On Amazon for not too much.

👑 True Germ Guardian HEPA Filter Air Purifier 

True Germ Guardian HEPA Filter Air purifier comes with the most modern features and advanced technology. It offers all you have been looking for. Some of its salient features are mentioned below:

Recommended for Hospitals And health care units:

This product is highly recommended in the case of hospitals and other healthcare units to remove bacteria and viruses from the environment. It not only traps but kills the microbes permanently, thus providing you with an excellent decontaminated environment.

4-in-1 Air purifier:

This multi-functional air purifier cleans the environment up to 99.97% for you leaving no chance of harmful contaminants in the air. It filters

  • Dust
  • Pollens
  • Mold spores
  • Other Allergens
  • Microbes, including bacteria and viruses.

It also has an activated carbon filter to remove smoke, cooking vapors, pet odors and more. In this way, it keeps the environment hygienic 24/7.

In case of decreased efficiency, you can clean pre-filters and also go for filter replacement after a year.

Ultra-modern UV technology

With UV-C light, this air purifier kills germs after capturing super sensitive filters. Not only bacteria, but it also kills viruses protecting you from harmful microbial infections, e.g., influenza, rhinovirus, staphylococcus species, and even goes along with titanium dioxide.

You can also change UV-C light if the functioning is affected with time.

Noise-free Technology:

It comes with super quiet sleep mode with an adjustable timer to provide you with a calm and safe sleep.

Manual Setting:

It comes with a manual fan setting from 1 to 5. The speed can also be changed automatically following the air quality. Moreover, you can also work with an 8-hour customizable timer setting with optional UV-C light. Furthermore, you can also adjust sleep mode time and speed according to your needs.


If you are looking for an economical product having the maximum of the features any air purifier can have, this is a product for you. You can Buy It On Amazon for $not all that much. In this price range, you cannot find a better product in the market.


Before selecting an air purifier for a place, you need to jot down the qualities you need in your air purifier. Then choose the one having the maximum of those qualities in your budget. So, every one of us can go for a different brand offering different features in the product. We presented you with the best worth investing air purifiers available in the market.

Let us know what suits you best, or there is any other with the right number of features available in the market in a good budget range.

Be smart; Stay Safe!

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