Top 5 Best Alternatives to Doc Martens

The search for best alternative shoes to Doc Martens got me through all the related threads on Reddit and Google. After reading all the articles, studying the most prominent features, and comparing it to the original Doc Martens, I am now able to compile a list will all essential information required in it. Though my favorite pick from following is Grafters Original monkey boots as they serve my requirements the best, you might differ to me on this. Go on with this article to find the pair which has all the things you want in your Doc Marten alternative.

Doc Martin Alternatives

Why Choose An Alternative Over Doc Martens?


Honestly speaking, the biggest reason has been affordability. Though its tagged prices are between 150$-170$, but it can also reach up to 200$ depending upon what style/design or size you are choosing. This is certainly more than any other shoe with similar specifications. 


As the brand is growing old, an argument is making it into mainstreams whether customers today are paying for the quality this brand promises to deliver, or is it simply the brand name being sold? Though the brands tag line s ‘Tough as You’, it is reported that most of their shoes have started failing to stand their own standards of toughness.

Environmental Concerns

Since we are living in the age of eco-friendly production systems and sustainable developments, Doc Martens has certainly failed to evolve. They have reportedly very few or no guidelines for waste management systems and greenhouse gases. Also, if sources are to be believed the leather, they use in their production is resource-heavy and no eco-friendly.

Cheap Labor

Doc Martens did all their manufacturing in the UK from the very beginning until 50 years when they decided to move their production units to Thailand and China. The sole purpose behind was to save the brand value and to avoid bankruptcy by acquiring cheap labor, however, their Supplier Code of Conduct still fails to clear transparency vows.

List of Top 5 Best Alternatives

After doing some thorough research and going through dozens of products, we have been able to devise a list of the best shoes that will fill the place of Dr. Martins and are available at reasonable prices too.

#1) Resonda Fashion Leather Ankle Bootie (Rated as Best Overall Alternative)

Resonda Fashion High Ankle shoes have proven to be the best alternative to Doc Martens. They have been so much comfortable that some people have even rated them better than original Doc Martens. Made up of the pliable exterior and thick flexible inner sole, these shoes will change your definition of comfort.


  •         With 10” approximate shaft from the arch, these shoes are very easy to break-in.
  •         It features lace-up, leather upper and classic round toe design to add great elegance in your outfit.
  •         The shoes also contain non-skid outsole, smooth fabric lining finishing, and extra cushioned footbed for utmost comfort and ease.
  •         Equally suitable for all occasions, you can wear this pair with khakis, jeans, shirts or whatever.


  •         Some customers have complained about the finishing of these boots. The stitching and coloring on top edges are compromised.
  •         Finding the perfect size with these shoes might be an issue. Try socks if you get a bit loose calf.


#2) Dream Pairs Women’s Combat Ankle Boots (Rated as Best Vegan Alternative Choice)

Though Doc Martens have a complete variety of vegan shoes they are very expensive. If you want a similar pair of shoes but at a lesser price. Congratulations, you are in luck! Dream Pairs Combat boots have very little difference in detailing and finishing, otherwise they can offer some serious competition to Doc Martens.


  •         This imported pair of shoes feature synthetic PU upper and TPR outsole for comfort and durability.
  •         It offers a very charming statement with its low stacked heel and stylish round toes.
  •         In order to make sure your feet break in and out, the shoes are equipped with lace-up closure.
  •         The sturdy design, cute pair of shoes are available in different colors to select for your coming events.


  •         A few customers complained about the rigidity of the sole, as it gets tough to walk on rough terrains if the shoes are not flexible enough.


#3 Koask Women’s Round Toe Lace-up Ankle Boots (Rated as a most comfortable alternative)

These combat shoes are the most comfortable pair of waterproof shoes that will not only light up your occasions but will not be harsh on your feet even if you put them on for long hours. They are made up of high-quality materials and designed with cowhide fashioned rubber sole for best comfort and maneuverability.


  •         They are equipped with the wear-resistant bottom with a cushioned bed, rubber outsole, and non-skid outsole for the smooth walking experience.
  •         These shoes are made up of the highest quality materials to give them required toughness. Yet, the interior of these shoes is very soft for routine usage.
  •         Available in a good size range, these shoes can fit almost all normal feet types. Hence, they can be a good gift for your friends or family.


  •         The quality of leather used in these shoes is just okay. It looks suede-ish on the back but gives more feels of plastic in the front.
  •         The toes of these shoes are more square than Dr. Martens, which affects its style statement.


#4) Grafters Original Monkey Boot, Retro Style Black Leather (Rated as Most Affordable Alternative)

If you are a budget-conscious person, and you want to avail of this opportunity to get your hands on something durable that can be used as an alternative to Doc Martens, Grafters Monkey Boots are made for you. These retro-styled monkey shoes will add an amazing charm to your personality.


  •         These shoes have synthetic soles made of tough leather that will neither tear out nor get thinner with use.
  •         The uniqueness of these shoes lies in the originality of their design and style.
  •         They are very lightweight and easy to break-in. Grafters produce classic monkey shoes which are hard to find else way their days.


  •         The leather used in it is thinner than what it used to be in the seventies which affects its life badly.
  •         The exhibit a plastic-like look which is not classic at all. Also, some customers complained that they squeaked when walking.


#5) Timberland Men’s White Ledge Mid Waterproof Ankle Boot (Rated Best Heavy-duty Alternative)


Timberland is known for producing rough and tough, heavy-duty shoes for mountaineers, workforce, engineers, and other outdoor activities. That is why there is absolutely no doubt whatsoever about the quality of its materials. This giant of a shoe is Waterproof and also enjoys its separate style domain. This is indeed one for a life choice.


  •         These Hiking Shoes have Premium full-grain leather and seam-sealed construction for ultimate waterproofing.
  •         It equips rust-proof, speed lace hardware for lace hooks at the top. It saves time while putting this shoe on/off.
  •         The reBEL cycled fabric lining finishing used in these shoes gives them a unique aesthetic appeal.


  •         The leather used on shafts is very stiff. That is why these shoes hardly bend, which could not be the favorite thing for workers.
  •         In some cases, the sole wore out quicker than expected to leave the customer for a resole.


Concluding Thoughts

Doc Martens might have started losing their brand value by letting down their production standards lately, but we will not disappoint you from providing the best alternate choices to this classic brand. The features, style, finishing, quality of materials, sizing and color schemes might differ on the basis of originality of other brands, yet you will find above shoes best for in-place of Dr. Martens. You can easily go through all recommended alternate choices and decide which one suits your personality and budget the best. 


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