Top 5 Buy for Life Ice Scrapers – According to Reddit

After reading through all the threads on Reddit and major articles on google, I tried to study all major features available in the market to find out the best ice scrapers. After compiling notes, reading countless user reviews, and ultimately put together their crux, I have been able to narrow down the list of a few most asked for ice scrapers.  My favorite ice scraper among them that I think fits my requirements best is OXO Good Grip Extendable Brush and Ice Scraper. It has precisely, just the right amount of everything that want in my ice scraper. However, your requirements might differ from mine depending upon the kind of use, weather, the thickness of snow, and the budget. That is why I have worked out the list of a few highly-rated options below that maybe your best choice. Read this article to find out which one.

Ice Scrapers

Buyer’s Guide

Though it is very easy to choose the most suitable ice scraper for your car based on the requirements. However, to ensure that your chosen product serves its best purpose, you will have to check whether certain features are present in that or not. Following is the list of things, one should consider before buying an ice scraper:

Handle Grip:

The handle of the ice scraper will decide how long you can work with it without stiff wrists. Always grab a scraper which offers little extra grip. This extra grip allows you to hold tools easily without flexing your joints after a few minutes. Also, it is to decide between choosing a fixed handle or extendable one with a telescoping mechanism.


Durability of a tool and how long will it serve you richly depends upon the quality of the material it is made up of. Generally, scrapping tools used at gas stations and drug stores are not of the highest quality, so they often give up midway. You can get those at cheaper rates but the amount you will pay for those multiple scrapers would be less than that you will pay for a single high-quality scraper that will last longer.

Ice Chipper:

Often, we face instances, where we have to pick bigger ice chunks. That is where ice chippers come into play. They allow you to spend less time and force for breaking up ice and washing it away from your car’s windscreen. 

Blade Sharpness:

A good ice scraper will equip a sharp and sturdy blade to scrap ice effectively from smooth surfaces. If in case, the blade is not sharp enough, it will ask for the application of more pressure on the tool to perform the action.    

Top 5 Best Picks

After going through all the threads on Reddit to find the best ice scrapers and comparing their prominent features, we have narrowed down the variety to a bunch of picks. All of the following products master in their specialized features. Specify your requirements and keep reading to

find which one suits you the best. 

#1) Hopkins 16619 SubZero 51″ Ice Crusher Dual Head Pivoting Snowbroom and Squeegee (Rated as Best Choice Overall)

The best ice scrapers are equally efficient in all weather. Hopkins SubZero 116619 equips a flexible scraper blade, ice-crushing teeth, a heavy-duty broom, and a squeegee to speed up the clearing work, no matter it is heavy wet snow or from frost.


  •         Equips pivoting snow broom with a squeegee and dual-action bristles
  •         51” inch wide blade removes frost from windscreen quicker than anything.
  •         A very lightweight tool with 2 soft foam grips for comfortable handle grip.


  •         The ice-crushing teeth are on the opposite side of scraper which makes use uneasy sometimes.
  •         The scraper sometimes freezes in a compact position and so is difficult to extend.


#2) OXO Good Grips Extendable Twister Snow Brush with Ice Scraper (Rated as Most Quality Material & Durable Choice)

If you are looking for an easy-to-use option with highly durable material, OXO Good Extendable ice scraper is the best choice for you. It comes with 90-degree twisting brush heads and feather bristle tips for comfortable use and to protect the vehicle’s finish.


  •         Its body can be extended up to an additional 11” to reach all edges of windshields.
  •         The grip is made of tough rubber, yet it is comfortable in handling.
  •         It features a durable ice scraper that efficiently breaks tough ice and washes it away.


  •         The brush is designed in a way that its handle becomes a bit unwieldy and the brush gets awkward.
  •         With a total weight of 8.3 ounces, this scraper is a bit heavier than usual ice scrapers.


#3) Mallory USA 532 Scraper (Rated as Best Ergonomic Design)

Sometimes, the tools we use are highly durable and effective, yet they put so much load on our hands that we get tired of them shortly. This is why the ergonomic design is important. Mallory 532 scraper is designed keeping in mind user facility. Its curved body provides relief to hand and reduces pressure on wrists.


  •         Its length is 26 inches which are enough for good reach and compact storage.
  •         The grip equips soft foam and is contoured for required control and comfort.
  •         Available in a range of attractive color schemes.


  •         The quality of material discourages pressurized work, so it should be handled with care otherwise it can break into pieces.
  •         The size of the blade is relatively smaller than other ice scrapers so can be an issue in cleaning edges.


#4) AmazonBasics Snow Brush & Ice Scraper (Rated as Most Affordable Choice)

Buying life-lasting quality material might give you budget tension. To make sure that you get to meet all your requirements and that too within your price bracket, AmazonBasics has developed this marvelous ice scraper. It is convenient, time-saving, and especially useful for freezing-cold mornings in winter.


  •         It is lightweight and provides a 25-inch optimum reach for cleaning.
  •         Features 8-inch soft brush for removing light snow with minimum effort.
  •         Comes with a limited one-year warranty from AmazonBasics in case you are not satisfied.


  •         The bristles of the broom should have been a bit stiffer. It takes more than a single effort to wipe off all the snow.
  •         The quality of material used in this ice scraper is questionable.


#5) Snow Moover Extendable Snow Brush with Squeegee and Ice Scraper (Rated as Best Pick for Large Vehicles e.g Trucks)

The insanely strong, Snow Moover is a combination of three units; Ice scraper, telescoping extender, and Squeegee head snow brush. It provides you with an amazingly large extension of 39” to remove snow from your SUV or truck. Buy this and stop worrying about reaching the middle of the roof and windshield of your car.


  •         It is equipped with a double-sided head that offers multi-functionality as you can use the squeegee and the brush simultaneously.
  •         The strength of this tool lye in its non-scratch, tough jaws that breakthrough toughest ice with ease.
  •         Best recommended for SUVs, Vans, and even trucks as it offers 39” extension.


  •         Some customers complain about the ergonomics of this scraper, as there is no curved design.
  •         It takes considerably greater effort to use it in an extended state.

Concluding Thoughts

Ice Scrapers are invaluable tools in snowy weather. They do not only keep your car’s windshield free from hick blocks of ice but also ensure you drive in a clear full road view. In times, when the weather is absolutely uncooperative, these tools will translate to give you improved road safety. After listing down the best of best choices, we hope this article would be helpful for you in choosing the best ice scraper that serves your requirements.



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