Top 5 “Buy it for Life” Water Bottles You Would Love to Own

Water is life.  We cannot think of a world without water. Our food, health, growth, and almost every life cycle depends upon water to be completed. According to WHO nearly 80% of all the diseases caused to humans are Water-Borne. That means if we drink safe water, we can avoid a significant number of health adversities. Besides, there has been a lot of discussion already on how much drinking water frequently can improve our health. All of this comes down to two things: safety and preservation of water.

That is why water bottles were made. They store water in sufficient amounts, keep it safe from bacteria & viruses and provide a fashion statement when carried around. Due to a variety of purposes, they serve a wide range of customers they are designed for, water bottles have developed enormous brands with hundreds of models.

Things to Check Before Buying a Water Bottle

You will get a bottle for exactly why you need it. There are stainless, leaking-proof, temperature-controlled, water-filtering, flexible designed, and much more variety of these bottles available in the market. But for new customers, it becomes quite difficult to choose among these options.

This article will help you in understanding factors that are going to decide whether or not a water bottle is life-lasting. Also, you would be able to choose the best water bottle that suits your taste.

  •         Material of Bottle

The quality of the material decides how long will a bottle live without rusting, breaking, or leaking. If the material is plastic, environmental concerns should be kept in mind and a recyclable-plastic should be preferred.

  •         Easy-to-Use

Another thing you would like to wish is the lid of water bottle getting jammed on a hot summer day. The serviceability of a bottle is determined by how easily you can drink from it. The lid should neither be too tight to open nor too loose to fall.

  •         Design Qualities

Water bottled these days serve as a fashion statement. Either you are a gym person, or an office person or even a student, a smart sized water bottle is a must-have thing. The bottle should not be too tall, thick, or over-promising in colors and design.

  •         Leaking-proof

If you carry your bottle in your bag to your office and it leaks, it may cause you a lot of setback. Similarly, those who go for hiking, running or sports, can not simply afford a leaking water bottle.

Top 5 ‘Buy it for Life’ Water Bottles

After going through hundreds of brands and their models, we have now been able to list down the Top 5 water bottles that will serve their best purpose and live with you for your rest of life.

1. Klean Kanteen (Best Insulated, preferred by Travelers who want to keep their beverage options open)

Designed with simplicity and grace, Klean Kanteen is a made up of highly stainless steel and food-grade silicone. It is preferred by travelers, bikers, and hikers for its temperature insulation.

Key Features:

  •         The bottle does not any plastic or temporary paint on its exterior.
  •         The silicon used in the construction of it is completely food-grade.
  •         The package comes with a stainless steel unibody bamboo cap for securing the lid.


2. S’WELL Stainless Steel Bottle (Made up of Best Stainless Steel, Known for its durability)

The attractive Ocean Blue water bottle is made up of a triple layer of vacuum-insulated containers that keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold for almost 41 hours. With the total weight of 17 oz, the stainless steel used is of the highest quality.

Key Features:

  •         The stainless steel is 18/18 High-Grade, BPA-free, and reusable.
  •         The standard size of 17 oz makes it a perfect size standard bottle for both gym and personal use.
  •         With a tight lid and medium-size opening, it just makes out for an easy-to-use facility.


3. Vapur Element (Best Collapsible Design, Fits Smart in almost everywhere)

The amazing lightweight bottle only weighs 1.3 oz, which is almost less than half of the weight of a plastic bottle. The side pockets of your bag or a little space in your purse, the foldable Vapur Element bottle fits in almost everywhere.

Key Features:

  •         It is equipped with a patented flexible design which is easier to hold than a plastic bottle.
  •         The Vapur Element has a flip-top opening in its water-tight cap for easy sipping.
  •         The bottle is 100% BPA free and dishwasher use


4. Takeya Classic (Best Glass Bottle, Known for Leakage Proof Silicon Design)

This classic bottle comes with a wide mouth for easy use and has a silicone jacket for better grip and utmost protection. The Takeya Classic comes in different colors and is completely dishwasher user.

Key Features:

  •         The bottle is equipped with a convenient carry hook that can be attached to belt loops for easy carrying.
  •         The bottle is completely lead-free. Its twisted cap provides an excellent source of hydration.
  •         Takeya Classic is available in different sizes and you can choose your suitable size from them.


5. Nalgene Tritan (Wide Mouth, Easy-to-Use BPA-free Water Bottle)

It is a 32-Ounce wide mouth, water bottle that will keep you hydrated for longer times with bumps or leakages.  Its signature design hasn’t been changed over the years they define its legacy.

Key Features:

  •         It is made up of opaque material that helps you see the water filling amount.
  •         Equally efficient in storing liquids, solids, powder, stew, and soup.
  •         Bottle has millimeters and ounces scaled on it to help you keep a track of hydration.


My Favorite Pick – S’WELL Stainless Steel Bottle

It is really hard choosing one out of these but for life water bottles. But after going through detailed analysis and testing I have picked S’WELL Stainless Steel Bottle as my favorite.

S’WELL Stainless Steel Bottle is not just a beauty but it’s also a purposeful temperature insulation material. It is neither too tall or short but perfect proportion of height and width to give you a treat of smart design.

Special Features of S’WELL Stainless Steel Bottle

The following are the special features that make better than any of the above.

  •         Finishing

This beauty has one of the best polishing materials on its exterior. The cap fits tightly in its place avoiding Leakage and water wastage. Its mouth too is good size and Easy-to-Use

  •         Easy Carry

This bottle just fits perfectly into your car cup holders, unlike many other big brands. You can easily put this bottle in your gym bag or office carry without worrying about leakages.

  •         Good Grip

The sleek designed aesthetic exterior is not just attractive but also aids in perfect grip on the bottle. It has a smart design that just looks beautiful in your hand even when the bottle is full of water.

  •         Insulation

There is absolutely no competition in insulation with this bottle. A normal insulated bottle keeps ice cubes rigid for 16 hours, this bottle will keep them for 24 hours for you. Moreover, it claims to keep your water cool for 24 hours is tested and true.


If you are looking for a smartly designed bottle that has your favorite color exterior and keeps your drink’s temperature for a longer period, then you cannot get your hands on snuggle better than this. 

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