What foods are okay to eat after brushing teeth at night?

Food after brushing

One of the worst feelings in the world is living a really tough day, coming back hectic & dull at night, having dinner, making your bed, taking shower, brushing your teeth & BOOOM.. You are hungry again and you think you can’t eat now because you have brushed already. Ever happened that after counting all the stars and sheep the appetite is still not letting you sleep & you can only rely on water? You are being so conscious about your dental hygiene and health that you leave your stomach hungry all night. This isn’t helping your overall health at all. Keep reading to know how to resolve this matter.

Why shouldn’t we eat after brushing teeth at night?

Only if we know the problem better we will be able to accept the solutions easily, So Let’s first understand the basic logic behind the reason why shouldn’t we eat after brushing teeth at night. It’s simple metabolic science. What happens is when we brush our teeth our mouth is clean from bacteria and our enamel is neutral. Then if we quickly eat anything that contains rich sugar or high acid amounts, the bacteria from food will demineralize our enamel. During days it’s fine because our saliva contains nano-hydroxyapatite that remineralizes our enamel. But at night since saliva moment diminishes, the process of remineralization stops. This can lead to cavities, stomach and digestion problems.

5 Food Items You Can Eat After Brushing Your Teeth at Night

So now you must be thinking are there any foods that can clean our teeth? Well the answer is yes. There are a lot of foods that will not only eat your appetite but leave a positive impact on your dental hygiene as well. Here is a list of things that you can eat after brushing your teeth at night:


We all know an Apple a day keeps the doctor away. But do you know apples can also keep bacteria away? Apple is one of the most healthful and readily available fruits. Eating an apple at night can help clean teeth and fighting bad breath. The fiber in the skin of fruit acts as a toothbrush removing all the food debris, scrubs away plaque from teeth & keeps the guns healthy. That’s why it’s advised not to peel off apples skin before eating. The acidity of apple kills off all the bacteria that are responsible for bad breath.


We eat cheese with different foods all day. It also falls into the list for its important reasons. Though cheese doesn’t clean our teeth itself as such but it prevents other foods from harming our teeth. Cheese contains a protein called casein which is responsible to strengthen tooth enamel and prevents cavities. Cheese is also rich in calcium which is highly known for tooth and bone health. It also renders acids and protects tooth enamel. So now order your pizza with extra cheese topping or add a few slices of cheese in your late-night food.

Trident Gum

Tridents are my personal favorite. It’s sugarless, cheap & you can always keep a handful of them in your work table or beside your bed. There are a few promising reasons that add tridents to this list. Firstly, sugarless gums don’t contain fermentable carbohydrates that are consumed by a plaque to produce acid for tooth decay. Secondly chewing stimulates salivary glands to produce more saliva. The more saliva the fewer chances of enamel demonetization & acid attacks. Because saliva cleans food debris, it ensures there is enough Fluoride to maintain pH and remineralizes enamel. And lastly it leaves a friendly odor in the mouth when you wake up. It’s refreshing.


Carrots have been known for cleaning the blood and improving the digestion process. But they are also good for oral health. Similar to apples, carrots are also rich in fiber, that cleans your teeth and scrubs the plaque away as we eat. Carrots also stimulate saliva production that ultimately cleans the teeth. Additionally, carrots contain multiple B vitamins that fight gingivitis. Consequently, you should consider consuming some carrots at night. They can be stored in the cold for a long time. Nutritionists also recommend its juice for good health.

Leafy Green Vegetables

Green vegetables are often rich in fiber and have low calories which makes them good for teeth, for example kale and spinach. When you eat these vegetables the high quantity of fiber in them Scrubs away small food particles and plaque from your teeth. Not many people know that Kale is also high amounts of calcium and vitamin B. Calcium strengthens teeth and Vitamin B prevents gum diseases. Prefer adding some shredded kale or spinach leaves into your dinner sandwich.


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