Which Side of Car Sun Shades Should Face Out?

Which Side of Car Sun Shades Should Face Out?

Sometimes driving a car in summer can be a challenging and awful job. If you park the vehicle under the open sky in a hot afternoon or are traveling across a dry land without trees or couldn’t find the place in your office parking today, you parked it on the side of the road where there is no shade. All these situations will make your car heated like an oven. Furthermore, this can cause many problems for the screens, seat covers, and other internal décor. The easiest solution to avoid these issues is Car Shades. They are cheap, readily available, and serve the purpose.

Before we dig deep into which side of car sun shades should face out, it is better to get some idea about how do car shades work.



How Do Car Shades Work?

How do car shades work? How do they prevent the car from heating up? This is simple science. The car shades reflect the sunlight that falls on to the windows and windscreen and prevents them from entering the car. This helps in avoiding an increase in temperature. If the shades aren’t put on, the sunlight will enter the vehicle, resulting in a rise in internal car temperature. Although the sunlight is reflected from any surface to out of the car, it leaves heat inside. It’s called the Greenhouse Effect.

Which Side of Car Shade should be facing out?

You may think what difference there is no difference as to whether the dark or light side is facing out.  However, the choice makes a significant effect for the temperature regulation in the car. Do you remember learning concepts of Absorption and Reflection in school? Car shades work similar to these principles.

Generally, dark surfaces tend to absorb heat and light, while light surfaces reflect it. This is why we are advised by our parents to wear darker colors in winters and light colors in summers. This keeps us warm in the winter and cooler in the summer.

So, in your Car shades, you should put the side which is more reflective in shade/color facing out. Let’s see common conditions.

  •         If your car shades have a dark side and a shiny reflective side, always put the shiny side out to sun in summer.
  •         If you can’t really differentiate between dark and light sides of shades, see if there is something written on it. Put the opposite side out.
  •         In case your car shades are all black, keep signs and make habit of putting those identified sides out always.
  •         In winter you can do it all the opposite, to bring in more heat in your car. By keeping the dark side out in summer, you can attract more sunlight and raise the inner temperature of the vehicle.

Do Tinted Windows Serve the Same Purpose?

Well, a lot of people think that the solution to the shade problems is getting windows of the car tinted. It is an option, but sometimes it can bear legal consequences. Also, if you get all your car windows and windscreen tinted, there is a fair bit of a chance that you will face difficulty in driving at nights or in the dark. That makes car shades a more suitable option. They are easy to install and remove. 

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