Xylitol Gum for Dental Health

One of the sad feelings of childhood was when your parents asked you not to consume too many chocolates and sweet things because it could cause cavities in our teeth. Everyone loves chocolates but no one wants to decay their teeth. So, what exactly are we trying to find? Something that is sweet enough to be consumed as an alternative of industrial sugar but doesn’t leave decaying effects in our dental health. Well, this is exactly what Xylitol gum does.

What is Xylitol?

In scientific terms, Xylitol can be simply referred to as sugar alcohol. It basically looks like and tastes like sugar but doesn’t behave like it. Are you worried about consuming added sugar because of its calories and blood sugar levels? Well, Xylitol is the only sugar-free sweetener that has fewer calories and doesn’t affect your sugar levels. Not only this xylitol is known to reduce tooth decay, improve dental health, and reduce ear and yeast infections.

Where is Xylitol found?

Naturally, it is found in small amounts in fruits and vegetables. Humans also produce it in their bodies but that quantity is negligible. It is a leading ingredient in sugar-free products like candies, gums, mints, and oral products. So, next time don’t forget to notice the ingredients of your favorite Sugar-free mints and candies before picking them from store shelves to maximize health benefits. The more Xylitol ratio, the better.

Other Health Benefits

Do you know apart from preventing tooth decay and improving dental health, Xylitol also has some other notable health benefits:

·         Preventing Ear & Yeast Infections:

Since we know that xylitol fights the bacteria in our cavities against producing plaque, those bacteria can also travel to ears and nose and cause infections there. Xylitol basically reduces the sticking ability of bacteria and yeast which aids in preventing ear infections in children and Candida yeast infections.

·         Other Potential Benefits

Some studies suggest that Xylitol helps in producing a greater amount of Collagen which is present in the skin and reduces aging effects. Researchers are also of the view that Xylitol increases the absorption of calcium in the digestive system. Calcium strengthens teeth and protects from osteoporosis.

Xylitol Gum for Oral Health

Do you hate trying new products for oral health? Are you tired of the dentist’s appointments? Just sit back and chew Xylitol gum. It will not only secure your good oral health but will also help to maintain your metabolism. Studies say that the leading reason for tooth decay is harmful bacteria. Xylitol fights with those bacteria and starves it to death reducing tooth decay and plaque build-up in the mouth.

Xylitol Gum Brands

What’s better than chewing Xylitol gums and preventing a number of dental health issues sitting at your place? But you need to be careful in choosing the right thing. Many gums, candies, and mints that claim to have xylitol in them have it in combination with added sugar. It is actually harmful. Epic 100% Xylitol gum is best known so far. Do you know it has 525% more xylitol per piece than Trident? And a minimum 50% more Xylitol than any other brand you name it.

Xylitol Gum for Dry Mouth

Do you have frequent dry mouth problem? Are you seeking a long-lasting and reliable solution? Xylitol gum may be your answer. Dry mouth is called Xerostomia medically. It can be fought by stimulating salivary glands for producing more saliva. Xylitol gums like any other sugar-free gums do it for you. It can be the cheapest possible solution for you.


Though I believe I have provided enough information for the usage of Xylitol for improving dental health. Yet there are some common questions that need to be addressed.

Does Eclipse Gum contain Xylitol?

Eclipse gums doesn’t contain any Xylitol. Fun fact is its name is called eclipse because an average solar eclipse lasts for about 7.5 minutes which is exactly how long one piece of this bar lasts in your mouth.

Does 5 Gum contain Xylitol in it?

No 5 Gum does not contain any Xylitol. Though this regular extra sugar-less spearmint does not contain any Xylitol but you still need to be careful with eating them when your pets are around.

How much Xylitol is present in Trident?

Trident is one of the most sold sugar-free mint. It contains a significant amount of xylitol in it. This tooth-friendly chewing gum has 170 mg of Xylitol in each piece which is too poisoning for pets. Keep them away from the dog.

Is there any Xylitol present in Orbit Gum?

Different flavors of this gum have different amounts of Xylitol in them. For instance, most of the flavors of this gum have very little amount of xylitol (0.009 grams per piece) but its strawberry flavor has surprisingly higher amounts (0.3 grams per piece).


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