Top Sunglasses Brands not owned by Luxottica

Top Sunglasses Brands not owned by Luxottica

Luxottica has continuously flourished in the market for making better quality sunglasses. It has now expanded so much that almost 80% of the major eyewear brands are owned by Luxottica. However, according to the antitrust laws of the USA, market share crossing 70% constitutes monopolistic power.

So, Luxottica is not only manufacturing low-quality sunglasses to maximize its profits, but it is also selling costly eyewear. For this reason, people usually prefer to buy their sunglasses from independent brands like Nike, Maui Jim, Adidas, Calvin Klein, Tom Ford, Gucci, Mont Blanc, and many more. It is an excellent choice because we only need the best quality product; the brand should not be of much importance. Also, small and independent brands strive to make better quality products to increase customer value.

Let’s have a quick review of the top sunglasses brands that are not owned by Luxottica.

Maui Jim:

We all know that sunglasses protect our eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. Maui Jim sunglasses are perfectly polarized to protect your eyes from all three bands: UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C. They provide excellent blue-light management, as too much blue light damages the eyes.

Although these sunglasses are cheap, they are not cheap-looking. They are highly durable due to their high-quality. A critical factor of these sunglasses is that their rims blend to your forehead’s size after a few uses, making them even more durable.

Besides all these impressive specs, Maui Jim sunglasses reduce glare and can be used for water activities. They also allow comfortable driving during a hot, sunny day. These sunglasses come in so many unique shades that will perfectly suit your needs and will give your face an enhanced look.

They have so many lovely shades and unique designs that will block sidelight, always protecting your eyes from harsh sunlight. Maui Jim sunglasses are, no doubt, worth the price.

 Rudy Project:

Rudy Project is an independent and leading brand that manufactures top quality sunglasses. Made in Italy, these sunglasses are majorly known due to their advanced features and superior comfort. Rudy Project has flourished the market with its unique and enhanced designs for individuals and athletes.

These polarized sunglasses will provide you a wide field of vision, blocking sidelight. They are perfect to use in harsh sunlight or for water activities. Rudy Project sunglasses are a great choice to use for athletes, as their lens color changes in sunlight, acting as a protective surface over your eyes.

Although expensive, these sunglasses are mist-resistant and have a tremendous photochromic lens. They block UV light from the sun as well, making them efficient to use in all kinds of weather. While driving, their lens lightens to give a transparent color, allowing you to see the road clearly, and the red tint provides a great vision. They are built with ventilation slots all around the sunglasses, that will avoid any misting, and if it appears, these slots will quickly clear it out, giving an overall fantastic performance.


Gucci sunglasses are one of the best and most durable sunglasses in the market. Although being expensive, these sunglasses will add more glamor to your face with just the brand’s name. These sunglasses are specially designed for people that need to stay up with the current fashion trends.

Not only are Gucci sunglasses authentic, but they are highly portable as their lens will never get any scratches, making them a long-lasting product. Gucci sunglasses have an outstanding reputation in the market because of their unique designs and practicality. These sunglasses come in many designs as most of them have a specific use.

These non-polarized sunglasses with the composite lens are a great choice while driving. They are mostly used by celebrities and fashion icons due to their high price, but that does not mean they are made for them only. Anyone can use them. It is safe to spend more money on Gucci sunglasses instead of buying a cheap pair. They have unique designs and advanced features with unmatched performance. No doubt, these sunglasses are worth the money if you need an up-to-date pair of sunglasses.


Tom Ford:

Knowing no bounds, Tom Ford is a legitimate and recognized eyewear brand. Acknowledged by many celebrities, this brand’s sunglasses have an elegant and sophisticated look. These sunglasses are mostly known for their unique frames, classic patterns, and dark colors. Tom Ford offers a wide range of durable and perfectly crafted sunglasses for their trusted customers.

These lovely sunglasses are made in Italy and will provide UV protection. These polarized sunglasses are a perfect choice to use outdoors while keeping your fashion game strong. Tom Ford’s luxury sunglasses boast an extra-thick frame, stopping any blue light and sidelight and are used for both formal and casual wear.

Being a famous sunglasses brand, Tom Ford sunglasses are comfortable, versatile, and have a stylish shape with a sleek finish.


These are the four best sunglasses brands that are not owned by Luxottica. There are still more brands waiting on the list. These brands are a great choice as they provide top quality and durable sunglasses at an affordable price. This is the reason independent brands are preferred over Luxottica.

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