Best No-Sew Fusible Hem tapes

Sewing is a profitable household work, but it is only interesting until your sewing machine starts breaking the fabric or losing threads. Fusible Hem tapes are the latest solution to these problems. This tape melts when heated by an iron, causing a glue-like action that fuses/stitches two pieces of fabric together without much effort. The fusible tape is an excellent solution for making a small repair or holding the fabric in place.

The weight of fusible tape is generally determined by the weight of the fabric you are fusing. A piece of sheer fabric or any other kind of lightweight material, thus, would require ultra-lightweight fusible tape. Moreover, it is advised not to use a heavyweight fusible, as it may seep through the fabric making itself visible from outside which looks very messy.

How to Use a Fusible Hem tape?

Following steps are needed to be followed for using a fusible tape:

Step#1: Firstly, place the tape between the layers of fabric you want to fuse.

Step#2: Now press the layers using an iron until the fusible tape melts. This will adhere to both layers of the fabric together.

Step#3: Allow it to cool until the fusing sets up. Do not move the fabric until you are very much sure that the materials are fused well enough. Instead, slide the iron gently over the fabric.

Step#4: It is worth mentioning here that placing the iron directly over the fusible tape may cause melting it instantly to iron and creating a mess. That is why a parchment paper should be used on the non-fabric side of the tape instead.

How Long Will Hem Tape Last?

Hem tape is usually extremely durable. If you follow the instructions of fusing them properly, they tend to bind fabrics for days without getting loose until you remove them or have washed your clothes for more than a few times. But for that, you can try ironing on it again and again after regular intervals or start over with new tape.

List of Top 3 Most Selling Fusible Hem Tapes

#1 Outus Fabric Fusing Tape Adhesive Hem Tape

Outus Fabric Fusing tape is the most lightweight, durable, and versatile adhesive hem tape in the market. It has double-sided adhesives for bonding ribbons, fabrics, hems, and more. You can use it for all thin or thick material. However, it is not suitable for using sticky or smooth fabrics.

Key Features:

  • It is effortless to apply.  It would hardly take 10 seconds to fuse two pieces of fabric together using this tape.
  • This tape makes a durable and robust work in place of stitching which is actually time-saving.
  • The seal that it creates is very sturdy, and will not be damaged even after several times of washing and dry cleaning.

#2 HeatnBond Hem Iron-On Adhesive

Another top recommended fusing tape in the list is HeatnBond Hem Iron-on Adhesive. It is a double-sided iron-on adhesive, which is used for hemming garments, fabric, and home décor permanently without any sewing or stitching.

Key Features:

  • The regular weight HeatnBond fusing tape is preferred for lightweight fabrics such as cotton, polyester, rayon, and acrylic fabrics.
  • It is easy-to-apply & Heat activated. Use regular home iron.
  • Simply creates a clean hem in a matter of seconds without sewing.

#3 Scotch Essentials Adjustable Hem Tape

Scotch Essentials are known for bringing sophisticated solutions to everyday wardrobe problems. This tape is just another addition to their quality collection. It is a time-saving, reliable, and stylish replacement to stitching practice. 

Key Features:

  •         No ironing or sewing required
  •         Easily change hem length for high heels or flats
  •         Especially recommended for jeans, skirts, dresses, pants and more


No more hectic and time tiring stitching and sewing practices as fusible tapes promise a long-lasting, reliable and relatively cheaper alternative to them. You do not require any special skills to fuse two pieces of fabric together using these hemming tapes. Simply place them between the clothes you want to bind, iron them, and you are done.

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