BOCCE BALL | Let’s restore the fun.

Do you remember that ball game that you used to play in childhood? The one with Pallina and court. Wasn’t it treat of a time. Did you know Bocce Ball is the third most-played sports around the globe after soccer and tennis?

It is almost played in all major continents with slight differences in gameplay and rules but the essence of the game remains pure and reliving. What makes this game so prominent is its simplicity, it doesn’t matter you are tall, short, weak, young, old, or anyone. Bocce Ball entertains people of every age and size equally. All you need is a small lawn, garden or open space and a few divided balls.

Italian Lawn Game

Before we go into the details of how this game is played, let us take a bird’s eye view of how this game has traveled through time:

It is so old game that around 5000 BC old paintings discovered from Egyptian tombs show some boys on the side of the Nile playing some similar stuff. However, the major footprints of the present form of Bocce ball game can be found in the pages of Italian history.

Ball game from Italy

The word ‘Bocce’ is Italian and means ‘Bowl’. The Bocce ball game is being played in Italy since the renaissance period. Many major Italian artists and thinkers like Galileo and Da Vinci used to play this game because of its benefits to mind and body. It was also played by Italian emperors, generals, admirals, sculptors, poets, and scientists. 

Later, Bocce Ball was exported by Italian migrants to other parts of the world such as Australia, South and North America. Since then, the game has gained popularity in almost every nook and corner of the world and remains prominent throughout the globe.

So, after traveling through all these ages, this game has reached us without losing its actual soul and love.

Glow in the dark Bocce Ball

People have been experimenting with this game to make it more interesting and attractive. Since there is no age bracket for this game there is a lot of room available for trying new things. One such attempt got us Glow in Dark Bocce Ball.

It’s an amazing game with 4-Color Lighted Bocce 2” Ball Set which has pre-installed lights along with batteries. It’s glowing in the dark that makes it attractive to children and underage. Just buy this to your children or younger siblings and see them enjoy the lovely moments.

Some prominent features of these Bocce balls include:

  1.       They are waterproof, sand proof, and grit proof.
  2.       They have a good texture for easy grip.
  3.       The batteries are durable and last longer.

Beach Bocce Ball Set

Fun begins at home and ends at the beach. The best thing about this game is it doesn’t require perfect conditions or dimensions to be played on. Any open space, lawn, backyard, rooftop, garden, or park will do.  All you need is a set of 8 balls and one target ball; Pallina.

Bocce ball set doesn’t need any assembly, just spill the balls on the court and start playing. Mostly, the set includes a heavy-duty weather-resistant carrying bag and 8 professionals-level etched balls with rough texture for grip.

So, what are you waiting for? Take your family out on a beach, bring the Bocce Ball Set, and get entertained. The memories you make at the beach will live with you forever.

What are Bocce Balls made from?

Do you know what gives such a perfect shape and texture to Bocce Balls? It is a high-quality poly-resin compound. This material makes the Bocce balls crack and damage-resistant. So that you don’t need to worry if the balls hit pavement too hard as they won’t break. You can play the game on any kind of soft and hard surfaces, the texture of the ball would not change. The easy-to-play game set is affordable, durable, and life lasting.

Another major advantage of this material is that it is waterproof. It means this ball set won’t squeeze or shrink when it is exposed to water. However, extended exposure to water reduces the life of these balls, and hence it is advised not to deliberately play this game in water.

Bocce Ball Scoreboard

How would you compete with your siblings or friends in Bocce Ball if you aren’t provided with a scoreboard? Either you can make a scoreboard out of cardboards and jolt down scores on it or a much better and easier alternative is to buy one from Amazon.

We would recommend buying the Ultimate Bocce Scoreboard for this. It is the last thing in the set you would need to start an amazing game of bocce ball. This scoreboard is UV-resistant and waterproof material so you can easily use it in the outdoors. It is available in multiple colors and quite simple to use. The scores are visible on both sides of it. You can score between 0-100 with the help of two pegs on either side. Just place it on the side of the lawn and make your game day better.

Recommended High-Quality Bocce Ball Set

The quality of your Bocce ball set will decide how many years you will enjoy this evergreen game. Since the game is very old a lot of brands have developed the sets of competitive quality and great durability. But someone has to be the best among the best. To select one for you, we surveyed many products and found the Bocce Ball set by Perfetta club to be the best option.

It is the most popular professional bocce ball set with its origin in Italy. This company has more than 20 years’ experience in manufacturing pro-Bocce Ball sets. Their products come with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 10-year warranty. So, if you want to feel the true novelty of this game with pride of ownership, this product by Perfetta Club belongs to you.

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