Buy It For Life Umbrella

Are you in the search for the best umbrella out there? With countless of umbrella horror stories out there, which one’s yours? Take your pick: Wet hair? Wet suit? Broken Umbrella? Flipped-over umbrella? Or just the fact that your umbrella isn’t just durable enough to serve its purpose.


We listed out the most popular umbrella brands in the market. There are currently hundreds (if not thousands) of brands that manufacture umbrellas on a daily basis. Here’s a list of 8 umbrella brands that are popular for the different purposes they serve.




Seven technology patents, multiple design awards, the number one umbrella found on the bags of PGA tour pros, and with dozens of imitators, GustBuster truly is the world’s smartest umbrella. Their umbrellas can withstand winds over 55 MPH, have won numerous design awards, and got patents where no patents have gone before.



Wondering why such a name? It’s because the umbrella’s tips are blunt which is why you no longer have to fear accidentally poking your neighbor. Its blunt tips also act like miniature umbrellas at the end of each umbrella rib, making it perfect during rainy seasons. Blunt umbrella tips make it much less likely to break over time.



Fulton is proud to be the largest supplier of quality umbrellas in the United Kingdom today—but are also available for overseas shipping. In case you didn’t know, Fulton supplies the British royal family. It serves specifically as the Queen’s go-to source for rainy day necessities. The Queen inherited her interest in Fulton’s wares from her mother herself because such things are often passed down.



Davek umbrellas are built to endure. This heavy-duty umbrella features patented frame systems composed of high-grade steel, fiberglass, zinc alloy, and aluminum to produce a vastly superior construction. Its waterproof and wind-resistant canopy has a special water repellent coating that makes water droplets roll right off of it.



Unbreakable umbrellas have surprising features. The world’s strongest umbrella is designed to be used as a self-defense weapon. It can hold pressure up to 100,000Pa and can support weight up to 100kg. It still maintains a classic umbrella style, 0.7kg of weight, and a changeable handle—both practical and elegant at the same time!


San Francisco Umbrella Company

San Francisco Umbrella Company makes beautiful, high-quality umbrellas in the tradition of the finest European and Asian umbrella makers. The brand is known to produce animal printed umbrellas, making them relatively popular to animal lovers, as well as zoo and pet markets worldwide.


Eddie Bauer

Eddie Bauer has been serving the market for 100 years. Their umbrellas come with a vented canopy for wind resistance, an automatic open and close function, and a comfortable rubber handle with a carrying loop for your utmost convenience.



Tirion offers high quality and traditional seat sticks and umbrellas. One of their most popular products known as the Ranger combines an umbrella for rain or shade and a sturdy seat. It definitely is a handy and stylish umbrella shooting stick that makes it a perfect company for a day out.



Senz° umbrellas are known to be the original storm umbrellas. Senz° created an umbrella that can withstand any weather, even storm winds of up to 100km/h by understanding the laws of aerodynamics. From the stormproof frame to the leather-trimmed handle, everything is carefully designed and put together.


Euroshirm Birdieirdiepa

Euroshirm Birdiepa has been developing extraordinary umbrellas that reflect the highest German quality for more than 90 years now. They are known for its outdoor umbrella, the strongest trekking umbrella of the world that’s nearly unbreakable. Their umbrellas are extremely lightweight considering the strength and durability.


Best brands for different uses

Crowd favorite: Blunt

With so many fans from different regions, Blunt umbrellas come in different size variations with each as sturdy as can be. They just seem to be the crowd’s favorite.


This umbrella from Blunt turns inside and flips back in the right way easily without breaking, caused by its unique edges’ design. Although not exactly ideal for strong winds, Blunt serves its purpose to keep you protected from the rays of the sun or from the pouring rain.

Best for use in stormy weather: Senz° umbrella

People may find Senz°and its shape a genius innovation while some others may find it a bit odd. You must be warned, though, people might ask you what’s wrong with your umbrella because of its unusual shape.


It is also with its unique shape that a Senz° umbrella literally floats on the wind, making it easy to hold them with one hand even with a bad storm in place. Each umbrella holds iconic stormproof performance with all the necessary functional details to make it durable and stylish.

Best for use in the rain: GustBuster

Umbrellas from GustBuster are created with patented wind-release technology that allows the wind to pass through the upper canopy while keeping every drop of the rain off you.


The umbrella also features an automatic open and close function, perfect for getting in and out of the car without getting wet from the rain. When folded, it also is very compact which makes it convenient to be carried around especially during unpredictable weather. 


Best for use in the wind: Fulton

Fulton umbrellas are proven to be indestructible in windy areas such as the North West of England, the location of the largest offshore wind farm in the world. If that isn’t windy enough, we don’t really know what is.


A piece of advice when it gets too windy: put the umbrella down—not because it’s going to break—but because it will get hard to hold it without being blown down the street out of control.


Best for sun-protection: San Francisco Umbrella Company

The personal-sized umbrellas from San Francisco Umbrella Company are 10 inches shorter than a standard stick umbrella and the canopy is 7 inches smaller in diameter. This makes them more portable and lightweight.


To be specific, the Sunbrella™ fabric is approved by the American Skin Cancer Society as a 99% effective shield against the harmful rays of the sun.


Best for use outdoors: Euroshirm Birdiepa

Euroshirm Birdiepa released an umbrella line exclusively for outdoor activities such as trekking. The umbrella is lightweight, strong, and it serves as the perfect complement to modern rain gear when hiking. There is also no uncomfortable heat built-up—meaning it’s free from perspiration.


Pro tip: in times during the trek that you don’t need an umbrella, you can slip it back to its case and hang it over your shoulders for hands-free carrying.


Best warranty offer: Davek 

All Davek umbrellas are covered under their unconditional lifetime guarantee. If an umbrella should fail to function properly for any reason, they will gladly repair or replace it for free. Although the shipping fee (if applicable) will be shouldered by the customer.


They also issue a unique “loss protection” serial number to every customer who purchases their umbrellas. This means if you lose your umbrella, you can use this number to redeem a replacement at up to 50% off the regular retail price.


Best for self-defense: Unbreakable


Anyone who can use a sturdy stick for defense can use the umbrella. There’s also no unusual parts to cause suspicion from people as there is no more metal than an average umbrella, it can be carried legally everywhere⁠—including where weapons are prohibited, and it serves as a rain-protection.


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