Can I Use Postal Scale To Weigh Food?

postal scale weigh food

What matters? After all, a scale is a scale with the auto role of the exact unveiling weight of an object. It doesn’t matter if it’s a mailbox, an obese mail enveloped, or a food! Then why to lug yourself in a debate of object specified scales? Will a postal scale mind if we will weigh food on it? Well, all these questions undoubtedly arise in mind when you want to save bucks by using your functional postal scale living with you. This article helps in clearing all the doubts in your mind related to the food weight and postal scales.

Poll For Using Postal Scale To Weigh Food

Before jumping into a straight conclusion, with the poll of ‘yes’ or ‘no’ for is it okay to use a postal scale to weigh food, we need to walk through the types, purpose, and difference between the postal and the kitchen scale.

Generalized Types Of Scales

No matter if it’s a postal scale or kitchen scale, it has majorly two categories_ manual and digital scales. And for sure, digitals are all-time love as it is more discipline than manual scale. What makes manual or spring scale unreliable is the spring gets worn out sooner than digital whereas digitals (a bit expensive) last comparatively long and have more accuracy. So postal or food scale digital is trustworthy.

Noble Purpose of Postal and Food Scale

Who doesn’t know the significant difference between both scales? But both scales’ sole purpose is different from each other. The postal scale is used for business purposes. It has the burden of financial assistance on its shoulder. It helps in charging the rates according to the weight.

Whereas our kitchen loving food scale has the purpose of weighting our portion per serve of meals. Yes! If you are a diet freak, the food scale will be your best friend. Besides this, it helps you in making a meal for your family using the proper amount of food ingredients like spices and herbs, etc.

Is The Postal Scale Unfit For Weighing Food?

Are you still stuck, what makes the kitchen scale better to weigh food than the postal scale? Let’s not kill you with suspense. Even with the higher weighting capacity, a postal scale lacks the bowl in it to carry food items. Hence, if you have plans to use your postal scale as a food scale, you need first to weigh the empty bowl that will carry food needed to be weighed. This will help you subtract the weight of the empty container from the weight of food to get accurate results.

On the other hand, most of the food scales are designed with a permanent bowl to bear food. This saves your time from all the above calculations and can be instantly used during cooking food. Additionally, advanced food scales are providing a booklet with all the calories per serving. Moreover, many food scales have the option to select the food type before weighing it (just to make your intake more accurate).


Though you can use a postal scale to weigh food to check if the weight of the food item is the same as the cover says, but it will not always be the right choice. Imagine you are making pie for your buddies and forget kicking off the bowl weight from the ingredient once _because you were rushing out of time! Therefore, getting your food scale can save you from such pains.


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