Do you Refrigerate Luxardo Cherries?

“The cherry on the top”. We have been using this phrase for decades for the reason that we acknowledge our highest respect for cherries as fruit. Because they are not only being part of our refreshing breakfasts but are also serving our beautiful late-night cocktails.

How much do you like cherries? Or let’s put it this way. Do you admire taste over price? Are you looking for a quality cherry syrup combination that could change your cocktail game by many folds? And most importantly do you want a product that doesn’t bother refrigeration or special storage? We have got a treat of a product for you.

Let’s start from the history of this Maraschino top-up and how they are different. Afterward, we would discuss how to store Luxardo cherries and what are some of its benefits.

History of Luxardo Cherries

Luxardo was founded in 1821 on the coast of present Croatia which was then part of Italy. At that time, it was a distillery and they used to make a dark cherry liquor called Maraschino. The liquor was made by distilling Marasca cherries’ skin, leaves, stems, and pits. So, the name was spelled Maraschino.

It was in 1905 when distillery moved from making liquor to selling cherries candied in Marasca thick syrup which led to the formation of the brand Maraschino Cherries. When World War 2 began the Giorgio Luxardo managed to move to northern Italy and started making these memorable Luxardo Cherries.

How are Luxardo Cherries Different?

Unlike all those candy-apple red lumps they plunk into your cocktails for ordinary taste, Luxardo Cherries have a touch of class, statement, and unique taste when put in cocktails. If American Maraschino is Nostalgia, Italian Luxardo is Class and Elegance. That is the reason you won’t find these cherry jars on grocery store shelves instead they stand gracefully on good wine and liquor stores.

Following are some of its defining features:

  • Its syrup of cherries is thick and reddish black providing an unmatchable nutty amaretto and fruit-forward taste.
  • No artificial sweeteners or thickeners are added to make this dark syrup.
  • The proportion of cherries to the syrup in the jar is almost half.

Check out our review of these Luxardo Cherries vs Fabbri Amarena Cherries  here.

Should Luxardo Cherries be Refrigerated?

A simple answer would be NO. Since brandied cherries need to be refrigerated for longer life, true cherries don’t need the same treatment. True Maraschino Cherries only need to be stored in dry, preferably cool places like cupboards, kitchen upper shelves, or drawers. If they are refrigerated the syrup will crystallize and lose its ingredients.

Shelf Life

The unopened shelf life of Luxardo Cherries is more than 3 years. And even after opening the jar, you can easily enjoy the taste of cherries dipped in a jar for easy 1-2 years. The classic taste and dark elegant color won’t fade away.

Sugar Crystallization

If you store the cherry jar in a refrigerator or deep freezer after opening it, it will result in the crystallization of sugar, and solid pieces will fill up the jar. This can be reversed to make it useful by putting the jar in an oven at an ordinary temperature for 15-20 seconds.

Mold Formation

It is a common mistake to leave the lid of cherry jar loose after use. And if you store this loosely tight jar in damp or less clean storage, this can lead to the formation of mold around the jar in a few days. This might get unhealthy and you have to throw the jar away.

Benefits of Luxardo Cherries

How amazing is it that one small piece of fruit changes your drink to overdrive? The fruit has a rich elegant taste with measured flavor and graceful sweetness.

Maraschino Cherries are made up of all-natural ingredients. There are no additional sweeteners or artificial flavors included. This is the reason these syrups are very rich in nutrients. A 3.5 ounce of the cherry syrup has 54 milligrams of calcium and 21 milligrams of potassium. It also contains vitamin A, K, and some little amount of zinc, magnesium, and iron.

Moreover, the Luxardo syrup includes just the right amount of sugar in it for all types of drinks. It will be equally tasteful for diabetic or a non-diabetic person.

My recommendation is to try out this Luxardo treat and you won’t regret your investment. These Italian Luxardo Cherries are used by famous mixologists around the world to make amazing cocktails. You can also put these cherries in your breakfast meal or ice cream to increase the taste and treat. 


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