Dr. Martens – 1460 Original 8-Eye Leather Boot for Men and Women

Are you a fan of Doc Martens or perhaps aspiring to have these shoes but are sceptical about buying it or not? Well, you are not alone in that. I have written this review to make your buying decision easier.

So, the first brand of shoes that come to your mind when you think about buying a stylish, long-lasting pair of shoes is, of course, Doc Martens. I also decided to buy these shoes because I heard a lot about their durability, comfortability, and style.

When these boots arrived, I was astonished to see the eye-catching appearance of these. They had a distinct sole, and their look gave them an iconic flair that is unique to the brand.


I ordered my standard size of Doc Martens 1460 that I usually wear, and they fit well.  The extra space in these shoes makes them comfortable and easy to break-in. No blisters.

You may have read many Doc Martens reviews where customers are complaining about issues in size. Like the shoes are so tight, or they are way bigger than my size. Yes, adding half sizes in these shoes might have addressed many of these issues. But more importantly, it depends on what size of shoes you order.



I have read many customers complaining about how hard it is to break in these shoes. But from my experience, these shoes are made of soft leather, so I really didn’t find any issues with breaking in. Once broken in, you will find these shoes as comfortable as any other. If you are having any issues, you can try using Doc Martens conditioning balm for stretching your boots.



Durability is the hallmark of Doc Marten shoes. At first glance, you might think that the single stitching of these boots may not last long. Looks can be deceiving.  I have worn these shoes for more than six months now, and they are still as shiny as new ones. The soles are becoming a tad bit thinner (maybe), so I might need to replace them after a few years, but given the amount of walking I do, these shoes have proven their value.


I found these shoes waterproof but from the look of it, to be safe and take care of the leather I will probably be using Shoe balm and beeswax.  I would not hesitate wearing them in rain or snow, they hold up just fine.


Shoes are made of full-grain leather which seems much softer to me. I think it is this softness that gives the shiny look to Doc Martens shoes.


In my opinion, Sole is the best part of these shoes. It is made up of soft inorganic rubber and has great traction, shock absorption and is sturdy, flexible, and makes walking quite a delight. There is no shank in the sole which makes walking rather easier.



Aesthetics is the main reason why Doc Martens boots are so popular in the market. In colors, there are many options available. I chose cherry red as it is the most famous one. These shoes look pretty casual and will look nice with jeans and a t-shirt.


The Verdict

After having personally experienced wearing Dr. Martens 1460 boots, I believe that every boot lover should give it a try. These boots can suit a variety of outfits and they are incredibly comfortable. This is the reason why I have started to wear these shoes quite often. A definite choice for your wardrobe.  These boots should last you near a lifetime and are a versatile pair that will go with anything and do anything.  There’s nothing quite like it.

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