Grow your own Broccoli Sprouts

Easy Sprouter

Who else remembers the bean sprouts our parents used to serve us forcefully as a healthy diet? I always thought, why were they so delicious? What I enjoyed more was the process of sprouting—putting the beans in the jar, putting water through it. The best part was watching those small beans turning themselves into something green. That’s what nature is all about. Nurture, Growth & Health. And once the sprout grew a certain length, my parents would cut them and serve me in the next meal. The process of sprouting has advanced well enough with the development of new products.

Sprouting has been enjoyed by our forefathers for a long time now for nutritious growth at homes or green yards with minimal care and quick turnaround. The sprouts are nutritious, easy growing, and very good for health care. Sprouting Kits are present in different sizes and made up of different materials such as plastic, glass, or fibres. Why they are very much preferred is because they grow very quickly, once you put the seeds in them and take proper care, your harvest must be ready within a week, ready to eat.




Types of Sprouters

There are essentially four types of Sprouters.

1.Stackable Sprouters

Stackable Sprouters are basically a combination of a few trays packed on top of each other. All the tests have pores on the bottom of them to rinse the sprouts and drain the water off. The bottom tray collects all the water, which is then manually removed. This is the most efficient and economical use of space, allowing you to grow multiple sprouts simultaneously.

2.Sprouting Bags

One of the oldest forms of sprouts, They are usually made up of natural fibre, allowing air circulation and water draining. You don’t even need to worry about putting the water into it, simply hold the bag from the top and dip in the water. They are especially preferred by travellers as they are easy to pack and carry.

3.Sprouting Jars

This type of sprouters is mostly used by beginners. Sprouting Jars are the most common type of sprouters. They can also be made at homes but the ones purchased commercially have more features like perforated lids and porous webs. These jars ask for regular rinsing of sprouts as the downside of these jars inhibit water drainage.

4.Automatic Sprouter

These are the latest type of sprouters which are automatically watered so they need least manual care after planting seeds. Just sit back and wait for sprouts to grow to the right size.

The Easy Sprouter

Easy Sprout Sprouter is a great product through which you can grow healthier and tastier sprouts with minimal effort at your home. This product has been designed to facilitate the sprouting of seeds via the convection system. It provides constant humidification, ventilation, and warmth required for sprout development. The best part is the addition of a vented lid in Easy Sprout which makes it easier to handle sprout. All in all, this product package is ideal for serving you delicious healthy sprouts within a week.

Product Review

After having gone through many critical reviews about Easy Sprout, I doubted this product before it arrived but after experiencing my first few batches of sprouts grown from this product, I feel like there can’t be any more convenient, simple & quicker way to grow a healthy and nutritious variety of seeds.

  •         Complete Package

When you will receive this product, it will have two Easy Sprout sprouters. The quarter size, dual container system has everything that it takes to grow healthy sprouts with minimal care. I have read some user reviews which say that the instructions given with the product are difficult to understand, however, after trying many different brands, I feel that the Easy Sprout is quite easy to grow and shouldn’t be much of a trouble. If you are still having any issues, you can try watching online tutorials.

  •         Quick Growth Action

This sprouting system is designed in a way that its convection action provides all the required humidity, warmth, and air circulation to the sprout multiplying the growth rate. I used to grow one batch of sprouts in less than one week on this Sprouter. Even if you live in an environment where germination rate is quite low, you can use this product to boost the germination rate.  I normally get fresh broccoli sprouts in 3-4 days.

  •         Quality

The apparatus is made up of high-quality food-grade material. Frontier Natural Products are known for their unmatched quality that’s why this product offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with the growth results you can return the product.

  •       Durability

A lot of other sprouters also claim such quality and ease but most of them have issues over durability and storage. On the other hand, Easy Sprout sprouters are durable, stackable, and washable. Once you get your batch, clean the system and put the next variety of seeds in it.

  •         Storage

Easy Sprout comes with a vented lid that provides required ventilation and fresh air circulation to the sprouts. That’s what makes this system able to be transported and stored in cold capacity (refrigerator) without worrying about ruining the batch.

Benefits of Using Easy Sprout for Sprouting

I like to grow sprouts in this Sprouter a lot because they are very easy to grow, they require hardly any space in the house. Apart from the ease, cheapness, and taste these sprouts acquire, they have very long nutritional importance. The sprouts make the digestion process faster by breaking down the anti-nutrients that are present in these foods. Sprouting also increases Vitamin B & C in the food content. If you ever feel any food to be indigestible, just grow its sprout, you will be thankful for this review then.

 Final Word

Very affordable and made up of quality food-grade materials, and providing ideal conditions for sprouting, these easy sprouters are a must-try thing for every nutrition-careful person. It is the easiest sprout you will ever make.

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