How does a Measured Pourer Work?

What is a Precision Pourer?

If you are a party person, bartender, or love to make cocktails, it is essential to keep just the right collection of measurement tools. A precision pourer is among the top few in the list. In simple words, measuring liquid pourer or precision pourers works in the same way as a cocktail jigger does. It measures the exact amount of drink every time you are making a perfect cocktail. It reduces the drink wastes caused by over spilling and heavy-handed pours; it can save you 2-3 more drinks on every bottle.

How does a Precision Pourer work?                                  

For a newbie, using a precision pourer can be quite a thing. It takes a bit of practice to be able to pour exactly identical drinks with your pourer when you have just bought it home. The following are the simple steps to make the best cocktail of your life using a precision pourer.

Step #1:

You do not use the pourer straightaway. Firstly, soak the pourers in warm soapy water for at least 5 minutes. Rinse it in cool water afterward.


Make sure the pourer is a bit wet still when applying it on your bottle. That is how it will go in easier. You can choose from the range of plastic fins of these pourers depending upon the size of your bottles’ opening.


Once you have placed the pourer on the bottle, block the spout with your finger or a napkin, and quickly turn it over the glass or cocktail jigger. In the first few attempts, you will have to be careful about spilling it out, later on, you will develop good practice.  


In order to get the accurate measurements for a perfect shot, the bottle is to be tilted on a natural angle of 45-60 degrees. Neither nurse it too gently, nor whip the bottle upside down as the pourer is designed to pour fast on a natural tilted angle.


To ensure that the pourer works perfectly well for a longer period, wash it on a weekly basis by soaking in warm water and rinsing with cold water.

Working Principle of Precision Pourer

Basically, the ball bearings used in the pourer act as check valves. They prevent liquid from flowing out and fruits or other stuff from falling in when the bottle is put upright.

When the pourer is to be used, it is tilted and both ball bearings are open. It allows the air in the measured area to escape which is filled with liquid.

Similarly, When the bottle is full upside down, top bearings seal the bottle and let the liquid in the measured area to flow out. In this way, precision pourers help reduce wastage.

Instructions for Best Use:

  • Make a habit of holding the spout of the pourer when turning it quickly over the bottle as using napkins or tissues might leave unwanted pieces or threads in the drink. Moreover, it looks classy with fingers too.
  • If you want an exactly identical measure of drinks, you will have to prime the pourer before the first use and after each cleaning.
  • The pourers are designed to pour fast, do not tilt it too slow or too quickly upside down. Rather make your muscle memory at a smooth motion on a 45-60 degree angle.

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