Luxardo Maraschino Cherries

Italians are elegant. So are their cultures, dresses, and food. One of the best products that have stood its place in the world market and trace its roots back to Italy is Luxardo Maraschino Cherries.

The dark red syrup candied cherries are found in all famous cocktails in the bar. The cherries are chewy, dark, and sweet flavored. It is a dark red syrup that can be spooned over the cupcakes or ice cream to enjoy its rich taste. With a total weight of over 14 ounces, these Luxardo Maraschino Cherries will remain tasteful in your store for the rest of the year without expiring.

How Luxardo Cherries are made?

The ingredients for Luxardo Maraschino Cherries include mainly Marasca cherries, fine amounts of Glucose and citric acid, Marasca cherries juice, natural colors, and Maraschino famous natural flavor. This Maraschino syrup can be your secret ingredient to your lovely homemade cocktails.

Why choose Luxardo Maraschino Cherries?

Yes, Luxardo Maraschino Cherries are more expensive than several American Maraschinos and there are reasons for it. Mainly the difference lies in Production, Taste, Shelf life, and Variability of uses.  Luxardo Cherries aren’t only known for making famous cocktails but they are also ‘cherry on top’ on many desserts, cakes, cuisines, Ice creams, and much more.

As it is said that there is no shortcut to achieving great taste, the productions of Luxardo Cherries play a significant role in making these dark and elegant syrup cherries. The process of production of this cherry syrup is so lengthy and time-testing that it takes around 4 years for producing a single batch. The Marasca cherries are fermented in the presence of their juice and alcohol.

The high-quality harvesting and meticulous approach of Luxardo have enabled it to create and maintain a brand value over 200 years. The homegrown cherries, detailed signature production process, and a recipe repeating over by generations give Luxardo Cherries an unmatched taste and quality.

How can you use Luxardo Cherries?

Known for their classic dark red color and unlatched sweet taste, the Luxardo Cherries are not just confined to making cocktails. There are several more interesting uses of these cherries that are listed as under:


Luxardo cherries look great in a breakfast bowl. You can make a treat of breakfast for your partner by adding spiced chickpeas, toasted coconut flakes, fresh fruit, and granola in a bowl of Greek Yogurt. Pour some cherry syrup on it for additional sweetness, flavor, and joy.

Ingredients:  You would need 2 T Fresh fruit, Greek Yogurt, 1 T Granola, 1 T spiced chickpeas, 5 Luxardo cherries, 2 oz Luxardo cherry syrup, and 1 toasted coconut flakes for this memorable breakfast.

Recipe: Put the fruit in the bowl with a topping of all the mentioned ingredients, drizzle some tasty syrup on it and make your moments memorable.

Ice Cream Float

Who does not love cherry ice cream floats? Though someone can deny that Luxardo cherries make world best cocktails but you cannot take away the rest of all taste and recipes from it. There is nothing more blissful in this world than an ice cream float with a heavy drizzle of Luxardo syrup on it.

The recipe for this is incredibly easy to try at home and it is preferred more because it replaces all the artificial flavor and sweeteners with a natural taste.

This recipe will be helpful especially when all your cherries are over and there is only syrup left in the jar, you would never love to waste it.


To make a cherry top ice cream float you will need soda water, 1 oz Luxardo cherry syrup, 1 scoop vanilla ice cream, and a handful of Luxardo cherries to garnish.

Recipe: Pour some water on the build ice cream and syrup in the glass bowl. Place some cherries on the top and your favorite ice cream float is ready to serve.

Make Your Alcoholic Drinks Taste Better

Adding a Luxardo Cherry and some of it’s syrup to your cocktails adds a extra premium garnish and flavor to your drink.  We simply pour a shot or two of a good whiskey over rocks then add a spoonful of Cherry juice and a Luxardo Cherry.  A quick few dashes of Angostura bitters brings it home.  Garnish with a lemon peel and you have a delicious drink.

in the jar

Concluding Thoughts

From fancy looking cocktails to your favorite red velvet cake, Luxardo Cherries top everything. Many famous brands that have artificial flavors in them to give a bright red lipstick color and waxed consistency but they do not taste like real cherries.

But since Luxardo Cherries are made up of all-natural ingredients, they give a candy-like texture and perfectly sweet flavor to anything they are added. You can try these Luxardo Cherries once and you will never forget their unmistakable taste ever. Justifying their price and value, these Luxardo Cherries will add a festive and cheerful exclamation to your celebrations.

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Luxardo cherries are a variety of sour cherry that are prized for their unique flavor and texture. They are grown and harvested in the region of Veneto, Italy and are used in a variety of culinary applications, including as a garnish for cocktails and as an ingredient...

Why are luxardo cherries so tasty?

Luxardo cherries are a type of maraschino cherry that are made using a traditional Italian recipe. They are known for their distinctive flavor, which is a result of the cherries being soaked in a syrup made from a blend of sugar and cherry juice. The cherries are also...

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