One-Handed Hobbies

‘Hobbies,’ this word is always the first to click you for moving your convo forward with a new colleague or a stranger sitting right next to you. Hobbies are in the flesh and blood of every person because it’s a sign of liveliness. No person on this earth is without a hobby, and it should not be.

The hobby is the set of actions that defines your real you! Because it is what you love and enjoy doing without any hunger for incentive or social pressure. Therefore, nothing should foil your leisure activities_ even if you are short of one hand. 

Instead of disqualifying yourself adopt one-handed hobbies. You can easily enjoy these hobbies no regardless of being a one-hander due to any reason. This write-up is all about the fantastic hobbies that are suitable for all one-handed brave warriors willing to pick happiness and success.

4 Interesting One-Handed Hobbies

1.    Books And Pens Are Your Old Friends!

Yes! Books and pens can surely help you to use your time constructively. And thanks to the advanced technology! It has actually created diversity in both. So if reading books and writing down makes you feel old school, gadgets can be the handiest solutions.

There are thousands of audio books. You can listen to them while walking or sitting in your garden, enjoying nature with the background audiobook voice. Similarly, if you are not a fan of a pen or have lost your dominant hand keyboard can work to compose your wordy rhythm.

2.    Art Speaks Louder Than Words!

No offense to writing lovers, but yes, it’s true for artistic souls. Art is another great medium to voice your thoughts and opinions. Step in the cinema of history, and you will experience an endless reel of civilizations known for their artistic taste.

Therefore, it comes in the best one-handed hobbies. You can sketch and paint not on only canvas, but you own walls, winds, vases, and mirrors. If you are an adventurous soul to try new things, doodle painting is always ready to welcome you. Why limit your creativity? Why stop becoming a top pebble one-handed painter? Have faith in yourself, and give it a try.

3.    Train to Knit

If you can or learn to use chopsticks, being one-handed knitting is not going to be a challenging hobby. It is one of the one-handed hobbies that strengthen your fine motor skills. Besides this, it will help you to become focus orientated. All you need to do is hold your one needle between the knee or lap and another in hand. Once you gain expertise, you will love to play with these knitting needles.

4.    Let Your Sporty Spirit Out

Hit hard and nurture your inner sporty spirit. You can practice drills for football and play. It will surely help you out to strengthen your cardiac and muscular health. It’s not a non-handed hobby, but a sport, and you have one. Therefore, don’t chain yourself with feeble excuses.

Additionally, badminton and table tennis are the best one-handed hobbies. They have a racket light enough to carry and play. Chess is another game to engage you while hanging with your friends within your room. Remember, no disability can affect your life but your thinking. And optimism is the key to find ways to pursue happiness and success in life.

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