The Pros and Cons of Storing Cups Face up and Facedown

Where did all this urban myth come from? Is storing a cup in a certain orientation actually got any advantages and disadvantages of it is just some fuss on the internet? Well, the most common and simple answer to this confusion can be cockroaches. If we place the cups with their face up, there is a greater probability that the insects like cockroaches can crawl and fall in them. But contrary to it, if they are placed upside down, this probability suddenly drops to zero. They will simply crawl over hem, which hardly poses any health hazards to the person using it afterward.

This article will discuss in detail the pros and cons of both placing the cups face up and face down to clear all the air and then will draw the most feasible and suitable conclusion. You will walk out of this article with a lighter head.

Face up or Face Down?

Face up


·         This orientation is preferred for the cups because it keeps their rims off of potentially dirty cabinet floors.

·         It also prevents the cups from mildew and mold formation especially for the cups that are just washed and haven’t completely dried to air-dry.

·         Also, storing cups face/rim up seems natural way, it is so because that’s how we drink out of them.

·         By placing face up, no lingering moisture from dishwashing can get trapped inside them which was possible otherwise.


·         Simply allows dust and/or bugs to collect inside the cup.

·         As the rim of the cup is wider than the base of the cup, placing it empty face up might not be the best-balanced position if some little thing shakes the cabinet.

·         Dust, flies, mites, and everything else that floats around in the air may appear in cups that were kept bottom-down.



  • Neglecting the fact that the rim of the cup might be exposed to might be dirty cabinet surface, it would certainly stop roaches, etc from entering the cup.
  • If the base is significantly smaller than the rim, the cups will never topple down. A more efficient way of storing would be stored in an alternate way. This will allow people the option of both preferences.
  • In the case of open-shelving, placing face down would be the best option. As it will keep out dust, bugs, and droppings.  


·         The rim of the cup is mostly exposed to rarely cleaned, bare, dirty, cockroach surface, and unhygienic dirt of cabinet.

·         In this orientation, the cup traps remnant moisture possibly allowing the dirty cupboard surface particles to stick to the rim of the cup that will ask for washing the cups again before using.

·         When the rims are in contact with potentially dirty cabinet floors, there are greater chances of chipping and cracking.


It is now understood with all the details that the cups are meant to be stored upside down on the cabinets. It is because the rim happens to be the most delicate part of the glass, so we need to best to store delicate crystal with the rim up, so there’s less weight on it. 

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