Top 5 Best Alarm Clocks 2020 – According to Reddit

Finding the best suitable and affordable sunrise alarm is a tough job. I went through all the threads on Reddit and articles on google to find the list of best sunrise alarms by studying top features in the market.

After compiling notes, reading reviews, and putting together the report I found out Philips Wake-Up Light HF3520 is my favorite alarm clock. However, you may have a different choice depending upon your requirements. This article will enlist the best sunrise alarms in the market with its key features.

Sunrise Alarm Clock

List of Best Sun Rise Alarms

Though the range of most selling sunrise alarms is very versatile and inclusive to include a great number of products, we have worked out the best of best for you. Here is the list of top 5 highest rated sunrise alarms which will surely help you get rid of late mornings in an innovative and jolly way:

#1) Philips Wake-Up Light HF3520 

(Rated as the Best Overall Pick)

Philips is known for its astonishing light products. Philips Wake-Up Light is just another addition to their shelf of favorite products. It is a large light, particularly great for large bedrooms, and can be adjusted to 10 light settings up to 200 lux to mimic a sun.


  •         Features light therapy technology that switches the alarm on when natural sunrise appears. Improves your energy, well-being, and daily vibes.
  •         In an event of power failure, its latest back-up system will maintain internal clock settings and alarms for at least 8 hours.
  •         What defines its brand value, at last, is its 90 Day No-Hassle Money Back Guarantee which makes it a perfect luxurious choice.  


  •         The quality of speakers equipped in it is marginally satisfactory. Also, the button to turn off the alarm is comparatively small, so it can get irritating sometimes.
  •         A few customers complained about the cost of this product as Philips Wake-Up light is more expensive than its competitors. 


 #2) Homelabs Sunrise Alarm Clock 

(Rated as the Best Affordable Pick)

If you are seeking for a sunrise alarm clock that best stands its value and also falls in your budget bracket, you cannot get anything better than Homelabs Sunrise Clock. It is one of the most sold, popular, and feature-packed products on Amazon.


  •         Comes in 8 different vibrant colors to serve your bedroom lighting scheme. That’s why it can also be used as a lamp in non-sleep hours. Children love it.
  •         It features a variety of soothing sound options that include nature-inspired sounds like ocean waves, birds chirping, and lullaby.
  •         It features an advanced LED system that starts a good time before the alarm time to wake you up gently. It also has a sleep-timer with sunset stimulation. 


  •         Due to the presence of a lot of buttons on this alarm, it becomes way too easier to shut off the alarm accidentally. A wrong press and it will not wake you up the next day.
  •         There is no option to set the alarm for day times. Also, there are no settings for daylight savings in this alarm.

 #3) Lumie Body Clock Rise 100 

(Rated as the Best No-Frills Sunrise Alarm Clock)

Perfectly designed for people who seek strong basics, Lumie Body Clock is a high-quality intro-level sunrise simulator alarm clock. With this device, you can program your sunrise and sunsets for an early rise and early sleep.


  •         To ensure you get an uninterrupted service, this device offers power failure backup and optional backup beep.
  •         The gradual sunsets give leave a soothing effect on your body and signals it to fall asleep slowly.
  •         It facilitates you with 6 different sound effects including rooster call, birds, white noise, and crashing waves. Also, you can enjoy a digital FM tuner in it.


  •         Some customers complain about the difficulty in using its control panel for setting alarm at different times.
  •         The quality of bulbs used in it is questionable. It is comparable to the size and quality of a normal bulb used in a chandelier.


#4) Philips SmartSleep Wake Up Light Therapy 

(Rated as Super-Premium Pick for its Quality and Standards)

This device is equipped with more customizable features than you will find in any other sunrise alarm clock. You can control this amazing device either by clicking on its touch face or simply by downloading the Philips app on your phone.


  •         This amazing alarm light therapy helps you to sleep with a better breathing function and wake up feeling more refreshed and lighter.
  •         The easy-to-use sunrise alarm comes with 7 natural sounds, FM radio, AUX dock, and USB mobile charging facility.
  •         You can customize the brightness of the light according to your comfort and mood.


  •         Some customers found it very effective but a bit expensive comparatively.
  •         It is unlikely that you would be able to connect this device to any other phone except with the very first phone it was connected to.


 #5) Homagial Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock 

(Rated as the Smartest Choice in Sunlight Alarm Devices)

If you are kind of a person that never compromises on the technology and always wants to use smart features, Homogial Wake-Up light Alarm Clock would be a great choice. With adjustable light and sound specifications, you can create a vibe on every mood of yours.


  •         If you are lazy in bed, its snooze button will give you an extra 9 minutes to complete your sleep.
  •         This clock allows you to set multiple alarms at the same time: one alarm for weekdays and one for weekends.
  •         It is equipped with (5V/2A) battery that offers a battery backup of 24 hours.


  •         The labels on the buttons could have been stamped in a better way as it makes setting an alarm or changing the settings difficult if you are facing the device from the front.



Waking up early morning does not only bless your body with extra freshness and composure but also enables you to work through the day with great energy and positivity. A lot of people complain about the problem of waking up with normal alarms as a beeping device in a dark corner can cause anxieties in some people. Sunlight Alarm Clocks are the best answer to these problems. They help you acquire a healthy routine of going to bed and rising early to achieve scientifically proven health goals.

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