Top 5 Best Tire Irons for your Car

Driving is a blissful experience. Who doesn’t love long drives on empty highways? There is no better feeling than playing your nostalgic playlist and going out on a drive with your partner.

But what may ruin these beautiful moments is the urge of changing tire. The reasons maybe puncture, air pressure or changing tube. If you don’t want to wait long enough until your mechanic arrives on your call, you better have a complete toolbox with you always. A tire iron therefore becomes a must-have thing in your car.

What is Tire Iron & How to use it?

A tire iron is a specialized tool used for removing the tube from the tires of vehicles.  A car toolbox is never complete without it. This product usually comes in pairs. It is used in a way that we use one tire iron to pry the edge away from rim mounted on the wheel. The tire is then held in place and more force is applied by other iron to pry more till there is enough space between the tire and the rim to separate them. The tire iron may be smaller in size than many other tools but its benefits are more promising.

Check out how easily this guy makes it look…

Buyers Guide

How would you know if you have purchased the right tire iron for your car or not? Because it is not necessary that the tools supplied with your car might fit properly. So the last thing you would wish is standing with your broken car in the middle of nowhere with a toolbox that doesn’t have the right tools for your car.

Well, this article will help you understand the variety of tire spoons available in the market, things to consider when buying a new tire iron, and the list of top 5 Best Tire irons currently used by customers. The factors are:

  •         Size

With the exception of a few inches, your tire radius may differ from your neighbor’s car. The rims and tire tubes may also be different. Make sure your tire iron just fits your tire properly

  •         Working

If you use ordinary tire irons on your tires they might be difficult to stow which can lead to misplacing and can cause injury. Choosing the best option will help you work efficiently.

  •         Style

The tire irons are today available in different styles and material qualities. They may have variable Length of handle, mouth shape, and grip. This versatility has attracted more competition.

Optimal Length for Car Tire Iron

There is no hard and fast rule about how much length is the best length working with tire iron tools. But one thing is to be surely said that anything between 10-20 inches is considered great length. Also, what matters additionally is the grip of the tool. Usually, medium-sized tools with good rubber grip is fit for use.

Length Important to get Leverage

It is basic science. The distance from the point of action and point of force is called lever arm. The greater the length of the lever arm, the easier it is to apply force. In daily life vocabulary, we call it leverage. Contrary to it, if the length is short, it can cause a bad grip or can even cause pain in hands if used for a longer job.

Top 5 Best Tire Spoons

After taking a look at the variety of sets available for bicycles, bikes, cars, and trucks, we have made a list of most asked for tire irons in the market. Let’s take an insight into the best 5 of them for a person to buy: 

1. Motion Pro Steel Tire Spoon

Motion Pro Tire Spoon undoubtedly tops the list for its premium design and quality use. Made up of heavy-duty chrome vanadium forged steel that has an attractive black outside finish, allows you to work on your tire easily. The amazing tool is equipped with an ergonomic design and cross guard that ensures your hand’s safety. It is one for lifetime purchase.

Key Features:

  •         Most cost-efficient and long-lasting solution for breaking tires.
  •         First quality chrome vanadium forged steel used in construction
  •         16-inch handle facilitates easy removal and installation of tires.

Verdict:  The heavy-duty tire iron serves purpose for bikes, cars, and even tractors. The high-quality construction material makes it highly reliable and long-lasting.

2. Fasmov Tire Iron

Fasmov Tire Iron set serves 3 spoons in the package. Their tire irons are made up of durable forged steel and then are heated to attain optimum strength and durability making them highly imperishable. The tire irons are inexpensive, lightweight, and 180° rotatable. The ease of its use makes this set every car owners priority choice.

Key Features:

  •         The handle is 11.7-inch in length which offers great leverage.
  •         It’s ability to rotate 180° gives you a new tool which can be ideal for stiff tires.
  •         The smart length handle prevents pinching of the tube and ensures hands safety.

Verdict: With the handle length of almost 12 inches, Fasmov provides perfect size and excellent leverage for especially tough tires. Its round edges prevent pinching of tube and tire damage.

3. Ken-Tool Tire Spoon

With Ken-Tool Automotive accessories, mounting tires and their installation becomes treat of a job. The Ken-Tool Tire Spoon is truly a work of art for design and the ability to get under the toughest rims easily. The tool is highly lightweight as compared to other bulky products for the same job. And the best part is Its price will make you add it to your basket if you haven’t added it already.

Key Features:

  •         Ken-Tool Tire Spoons are well-known for their outclass craftsmanship and classic finish.
  •         They are preferred for heavy-duty jobs, especially for larger rims and ATV tires.
  •         It’s smoothly molded edges will let it slide under rims easily without marking them.

Verdict: Ken-Tool Tire Spoon will be your best friend when working with large tires. For all those who struggle to get the last tire edge over the rim, this tool will do this job in less than a minute. It is aesthetic and flawless.

4. Core Tools Tire Iron Spoon

One of those products that you don’t believe much until you buy them and love their job. The tool is equipped with the best aesthetically and ergonomically designed handle with a rubber fit around for great grip and additional support. The 10-inch handle length facilitates easy tire change. This is the end of all the pinched tires in your life.

Key Features:

  •         Deep rubber looped blue handle provides enhanced user hand support.
  •         The texture of rubber helps to avoid any sort of slipping on the job.
  •         The 10-inch spoon tire is ideal for the installation of small tires.

Verdict: These are just the right size spoons to swap with whatever you already have. Their stoutness, feel, Length, and grip will make them a permanent part of your toolbox.

5. Wanheyao Tire Lever Tool Spoon

With the release of their 14.5-inch tire tool, Wanheyao Underdogs have changed the game in the tire industry. They are made up of first-class polished chrome that gives great finishing. Provided 3 tire spoons collectively make it an easier job to pop the bead. It comes with a carry bag to keep tools handy and safe.

Key Features:

  •         It comes with a no-hassle one-year warranty to give you the best service.
  •         Designed with ergonomic skid-proof rubber handle for easy grip and use.
  •         Usually preferred for dirt bikes, mountain bikes, and small vehicles.

Verdict: Wanheyao Tire Spoons will not make your tire changing job easy but way easier. Its heavy-duty hardened steel will make sure they will live with your car for the rest of its life.

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