Top 5 Buy for Life Messenger Bags

Choosing a messenger bag that serves life-long properties is not an easy job. I had to walk through a good number of reviews on Reddit and Google for best-selling products. From aesthetics to material quality and from color schemes to size compatibility, I went through almost all major parameters to list down the top seven picks in messenger bags. Whether you are a business, a student, or a traveler, you will surely find one of them your new favorite. My top choice for life messenger bags is Timbuk2 because of its durability and comfortability.

List of Best Choices for Messenger Bags

#1) Timbuk2 Classic Messenger Bag

(Rated as the Best Choice Overall)

Timbuk2 messenger bags are a perfect combination of style, functionality, and reliability. You can avail of its internal organizational compartments to store necessary things from laptop to pens and even keys. Alongside this, it has a secure compression closure system which saves your belongings from falling out. Buy one Timbuk2 and you will never have to visit a bag store for you in life.


  •         It is equipped with a fully adjustable shoulder strap which has a comfortable air mesh strap pad for extra shoulder support.
  •         Made up of life-lasting high-quality material that will not tear apart or loose texture. On top of that, it is also having a water-resistant lining.
  •         It is simply not the largest bag but it surely just the right size you would love to take to formal and informal meetings.


  •         If you want to buy a messenger bag mainly because you want to carry your laptop, notebooks, and lunchbox to the workplace, you might not ample space in this for everything.

#2) Adidas Unisex Stadium Messenger Bag

(Rated as the Most Stylish Compact Design)

Adidas is the name of quality and comfort. Likewise, Adidas messenger bag enables you to save your essentials securely & stylishly, no matter you are going to the gym or a weekend family trip. Its strong design will make sure your items are not scratched or crushed during transit. You can also add this bag to the trolly luggage handle to carry more easily. In short, this bag has got all that it takes to be super-protected and easily accessible.  


  •         It is made up of 100% polyester material so it will highly durable. Plus, it only supports hand washing.
  •         To offer maximum comfort to the user, this bag has extra-padded haul handles and adjustable shoulder strap.
  •         The storage compartments to are padded very well, so that your phones or other devices are protected in travel.


  •         It is only available in greyish-black color, so you might not be able to get your favorite colors in it.

#3) Berchirly Men’s Briefcase

(Rated as the Most Durable Quality Material)

 If you are a vintage lover, this messenger bag is made to suit your taste. Despite there is a large variety of these types of bags in the market, it is very unlikely that any of them will allow you to store your full-size laptop in it. Well, Berchirly has got it for you. The 14-inch wide compartment will not just comfortably store it but will also save it from shocks or pressing.


  •         The body of this bag is made up of long-lasting PU leather, whereas, its handles are made up of hard leather to promise high durability.
  •         With a total of 5 pockets, this messenger bag has enough space to carry all your necessary objects. The zippers perform the security function.
  •         Its vintage look and stylish design make it a highly valuable gift to give to your loved ones.


  •         The shoulder straps of this messenger bag might not be able to bear with full loaded capacity.

#4) Sweetbriar Classic Messenger Bag

(Rated as the Most Affordable Pick)

No one can ignore the rugged design and classic appeal of this messenger bag. The military design, laid out the canvas and all-black exterior combine to make it a great minimalistic approach. Equally suitable for office, high school, work, or personal use, this messenger provides a lovely combo of style and price.


  •         This spacious bag contains a roomy front large compartment for bigger items and two side pockets for water bottles.
  •         The durability of this bag can be estimated from the fact that it is made up of 100% cotton canvas. The body has some metal accents to provide rough & tough appeal.    
  •         The retro army look messenger bag comes with a limited 1-year user warranty.


  •         This bag does not contain any extra structural support or extra padding in its straps.

#5) Hynes Eagle Laptop Messenger Bag

(Rated as the Most Lightweight Choice)

Hynes Eagle Laptop Bag is a no-nonsense design, simply stylish and sturdy constructed messenger bag that promises reliability and security. It is made of polyester material which is not just highly durable, but also produces a more casual look as compared to the leather-crafted competitors. Precisely, it is a low-cost, stylish, and straightforward addition to your travel gear.


  •         It is neither too small, nor too big, but deal sized for daily commuters.
  •         The maintenance and cleaning of this bag are very simple, as it is made up of PU material and polyester, it can easily be restored to its color and shape by simple wipe cleaning.
  •         Its multiple pockets and smart design offer a decent capacity to pocket your outdoor essentials. The top handle provides extra stability by grabbing the bag from the top.


  •         A few customers complained about the construction of this bag. They probably wanted it to be a bit thicker than what it is now.


Messenger bags are an essential component of our outdoor gear. They save and protect all our essentials and valuables and also serve as a fashion statement. That is why it is important to consider the construction, material, comfort, and pricing of them before purchasing so that you do not face a bad experience. To make it easier for you, I have already listed the top most rated picks in messenger bags along with their pros and cons. After going through this article, one should be able to choose their favorite messenger bag.

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