Top 7 ‘Buy It for Life’ Sandals You Would Love to Own

Top 7 ‘Buy It for Life’ Sandals You Would Love to Own

Your footwear determines your personality. A lot of us pay attention to our physique, dressing sense, looks, and hair but we tend to ignore our foot fashion. This is a terrible mistake.

Are you wondering what is included in Footwear fashion? Well, it comprises all the flip flops you wear at home, shoes you put on to office, and sandals that accompany you to your friend’s parties. Being up-to-date with footwear fashion and choosing the best for you doesn’t mean to have all fancy shoes and buy the most expensive stuff available. Moderate Fashion is better than bankruptcy.

Moreover, it’s not always necessary that an expensive pair would be your best fashion match. We have to consider affordability, quality, durability, style, and comfort of our footwear at the same time to make a perfect & sensible choice. This is where ‘Buy it for Life’ Sandals come into play. These footwear products are an ideal choice because of their durability, affordability, and comfort.

Why Should We Love “Buy it for Life Sandals”?

Sandals bring comfort and freedom. A lot of us live through freezing winter wearing those chunky snow boots and wait for summer to arrive. The best Sandals arrive in summer. The sandals are better for your feet’s health as well because they let the air inside and hence taking care of the sweat issue. Also, they are more comfortable and heel friendly. The following are key factors that make us buy new sandals every summer.

  •         Sweat Free

One of the major problems with wearing shoes is that after a time, your feet start sweating, making you awkward and uncomfortable. Sandals are mostly open-toed so they allow enough air in and out to keep your feet fresh from sweating.

  •         Comfort

You can wear sandals all day long without feeling cramps in your toes and heels. They have a good foot grip and depending upon your choice, the sandals will either be synthetic leather or rubber sole, both are significantly comfortable.

  •         Variety

You can choose sandals for the beach, festival, hiking, party, office, home, sports, walk and absolutely anything. The widest range of brands and styles allows you the greatest freedom to choose sandals that are close to your preference.

  •         Easy Access

If you are wearing shoes and you want to relax, it will take notable energy to get off then. But for sandals, all you do is to slide in and out of them. Easy to wear, walk, and clean.

Finding the ‘Top 7 BIFL’ Sandals

With hundreds of brands and thousands of models for sandals, it becomes practically difficult to find the best. To look for what will remain with you for the rest of your life. Therefore, in order to write this product review, we worked as a team. We went through a range of sandals, of all sizes, varieties, brands, and features. We worked out their comfort, versatility, durability, price range, and aesthetic appeal.

After many days of research, from rugged sports sandals to flier shaped flip flops and sturdy shaped pool slides, we found the following as the top 7 “Buy it for Life” sandals with great special features:

1.   ECCO Yucatan Sandals – (Most durable sandals, specialized for sports)

This is an ECCO classic sandal which happens to be one of the most sold models with over 10 million pairs already sold. This masterpiece is designed so amazingly that its versatile features make it suitable for all kinds of activities. Rubber sole, multiple adjustment points, neoprene lining make it beat grip on feet.

Key Features:

  •         RECEPTOR Technology for stability and dynamic support.
  •         Lightweight molded EVA footbed which is soft and ideal for ultimate comfort.
  •         Durable rubber outsole for grip and traction.


These sandals are recommended for walkers who want durable and lightweight stuff on their feet. Even if you walk for 10 miles wearing this pair of sandals, you won’t see any signs of tear and it will still be as comfortable as you like.  

2.   KU-LEE Unisex Comfortable Slides – (Most Comfortable Slides, with Smart Design)

This Easy-to-use sandal is specialized for recreation and relaxation. Its lightweight design includes contour footbed and secure jelly bondage for the viewer’s appeal and lasting comfort. Its bandage-style upper makes it a trademark in the industry.

Key Features:

  •         Synthetic single-bandage stylish upper for soft feel and styling.
  •         Cloudfoam plus footbed for utmost energy and refreshment.
  •         Lightweight EVA outsole for grip and comfort.


If you want a cheap pair of sandals for your daily indoor use, this one is made for you then.

3.   Vionic Kiwi Slide Sandals – (Best for Arch Pain)

It is a moderately priced slide designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Vionic Kiwi Sandals are gently designed with neutral colors and provide ease of use for all sorts of occasions. A tight strap, prominent arch support, and solid outsole make it a promising choice.

Key Features:

  •         They are automatically molded to be wearable for flat-footed, low, and high arches.
  •         The material is waterproof and easy to clean.
  •         Preferred for heel Spurs and PF. Sometimes arch support may look aggressive.
  •         A wide footbed allows easy sliding of the foot. Gentle in daily use.


If you want comfortable slides to ease your arch pain, this must be your choice then.

4.   Eagsouni Unisex Sandals – (Perfect Beach ware, Clog Garden Sandal)

This breathable, quick-drying, water-resistant, anti-slip sandals will be your best company to a beach party. The material used is very soft to bend, lightweight, and skid-preventive. You can put them on for swimming, beach, shower, or a casual walk at the track.

Key Features:

  •         A unique breathable structure allows air circulation for keeping feet fresh.
  •         Amazing anti-slip and shock-absorbing sole keep you stable on slippery and sloppy terrains.
  •         Massage granules in the sole give soothing & relaxing effect to the feet.


These lightweight, sturdy, waterproof sandals are ideal for wet areas.  

5.   Holy Land Market Sandals – (Best Genuine Leather Sandals)

Holy Land Market is known for providing high-quality sandals with the finest leather and sole materials. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor activities. Its deep heel cups promote stability and balance by cradling your feet.

Key Features:

  •         Synthetic Sole is designed for ultimate foot support.
  •         The upper has straps of red-brown color which gives an attractive outlook.
  •         The classic design of sandals is connected with ancient civilizations.


The price of these sandals is a bit on a higher side, but given the original sturdy leather that they are made of, you will enjoy wearing these comfortable and soft sandals.

6.   Crocs Classic Clog Sandals – (Most lightweight Sandals)

Available in multiple colors and sizes, these sandals are designed to bring a comfort revolution in the footwear world. There are the most lightweight Sandals you would find in a while with ventilation pores for water loss and breathability. Pivoting heel straps offer a more secure fit.

Key Features:

  •         These slip-on clogs are very durable and easy to take on and off.
  •         They are not just comfortable but also easily cleanable and dry quickly.
  •         The synthetic sole and pivoting heel strap provide a tight group around the feet.


The title of these sandals says it all.

My Favorite Pick

Though all the sandals above are equipped with amazing comfort and grip features, with a close look on the details and after reading some reviews about all the footwear in the market, I would like to share with you “My Favorite pick”.

Birkenstock Leather Sandals – (Best Grip with Solid Leather Sole)

Birkenstock is known for its wide range of sandals with leather sole with greater grip and fashion appeal. These classic sandals have original Birkenstock sole which distributes body weight evenly. A cork, buckle, and leather make it the best fashionable sandal for outdoors. It is available in Specially dyed colors according to summer trends.

Key Features:

  •         Slide-on style double adjustment straps for best grip on feet.
  •         The insole is leather lined to keep feet fresh and dry.
  •         Deep heel cap and notable arc support for comfort in moving.
  •         Available in different attractive shades and colors.
  •         Made with the synthetic and manmade sole.

Why did we choose Birkenstock Sandals as Favorite?

Birkenstock is known for producing legend and classic footwear for casual and travel use. The quality of their products and a variety of colors and designs attract more customers from all over the world than anyone else.

Material: The material is mostly man-made and renewable. The straps are made of natural leather, buckles of metal, and sole of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) making it flexible, fit, and durable.

Type: Though there is no compulsion on the type of its use these sandals are generally preferred for beaches, travel tours, backpacking, vacations, and countryside trips.

Color Scheme: The variety of leather; synthetic, suede, patent & nubuck, and colors; black, brown, white, grey & some metallic shades combine to make a wide range of attractive color schemes.

Pros and Cons of Birkenstock Sandals:

There is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that this is one of the most selling sandals in the world and it has got all that it takes to be durable, affordable, and easy-to-use footwear, yet people tend to think there are a few things which need to be taken into consideration again. There is always room for improvement in any product.

What People Like:

  •         It has solid arch support that aids in movement.
  •         The adjustable wide straps help to divide the weight evenly.
  •         It is easy-to-use. All you need is to slide your foot in and out for taking on and off.
  •         The upper is elegant and the footbed is gripping and comfortable.

What People Don’t Like:

  •         Normally shoes stretch after wearing so finding perfect size can be an issue for customers.
  •         The footbed was reported narrow by some customers.
  •         The arch support is strong, where a lot of people love it, some of them also think otherwise.

Final Word

If you are a regular traveling personal and looking for a moderate priced, strong material, elegant designed, life-lasting pair of sandals, Birkenstock is made for you. You can easily choose your favorite color combination, the right size, and the number of pairs you want to order because if you try it once you are definitely coming back for it.

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