Victorinox Swiss Army Cutlery Rosewood Chef’s Knife, 8-Inch

Victorinox Swiss Army Cutlery Rosewood Chef’s Knife, 8-Inch

If you have the slightest experience of the kitchen, you would be able to tell that knives play a major role in cooking a delicious recipe. For perfect cooking, you need complete ingredients, simple techniques, and the right tools. That’s why a knife stands for greater importance.

How would you define a good knife?

A good knife has some of these features: greater control, less slipping, safer cuts, and perfect slices. From chopping, mincing, and cutting to breaking through, a good Chef’s knife is a must-have tool in a kitchen cabinet.

Things to look for in a Kitchen Knife

Choosing the right tools for your kitchen is a matter of personal preference. It’s not necessary that the knife that you are comfortable with must suit in someone else’s Hands too. So, we understand that there is no single perfectly designed knife for everyone there must be some parameters we can work out before buying a knife for a kitchen. Though pleasure, effort & ease are major parameters we will see some object-specific things in a knife for purpose.

  1.       Weight: The weight of the knife will decide whether the knife will fall on objects or it will slide through. Some people think that the knife that falls is better because it will need less force in cutting while others think it the knife moves easily it would be better for cutting & slicing skills.
  2.       Size: Every individual’s hand has a different size. Therefore, most brands offer more than one size of knives for the same model. Generally, it is considered that 8-inch knives are better for their versatile line of work. The knife should be small enough to cut berries and large enough to slice through a watermelon.
  3.       Handle: Handle is the grip section. A good handle is the one which is comfortable to grip, doesn’t get slippery when wet, gives you enough space to try angles and doesn’t cause strains in the wrist after long use.
  4.       Balance: Balance is the key to quick, easy, and effortless work. If the weight of the knife is more towards the handle or the food, the perfect balance is lost. You will have to adjust the weight again and again for swift use.

A Brief Intro of Victorinox Swiss Army Cutlery Rosewood Chef’s Knife

Victorinox has been the name of classy products. They have stood up on their legacy and kept the promise of producing elegant household and travel gear since 1984. The Swiss Army Knives are one of the core products of the brand and has been a pioneer in developing other product categories.

This knife review is for those who are tired of changing knives or want a sharper and more gripping knife or don’t like getting knife sharpened again and again. Believe me this is the ideal blade for you then. Victorinox 8-inch knife is a lightweight high carbon stainless steel rosewood handle medium-size knife designed to do all knife services in your kitchen. It only weighs 8 ounces so even if you have a long cooking day your wrists will not have any stress on them. To have this one knife with you is better than having all ordinary knives. It is elegant, classy, easy to handle, and more than any other thing “durable”. That is the reason why the rosewood chef’s knife is a favorite of many chefs and professionals.

My Product Review

I have been learning to cook for some time now and I can say that I have a fair bit of experience of using kitchen tools and recipes. After using this Victorinox Knife, I feel I have made the best addition to my kitchen cabinet. Let’s look into some major details about this product.

·         Easy Handling

Every Chef understands how important is the grip of a kitchen knife while cutting. This kitchen masterpiece is equipped with a polished rosewood handle for a perfect grip. You will find the grip comfortable and adequate for safe cutting.

I have read many critical reviews regarding the handle quality fading after wash or emergence of openings in the handle, but that happens only if you wash the knife in a dishwasher. I would recommend hand washing instead to preserve the quality of the product. Similarly, many customers are complaining about a pungent smell coming out of the handle which I really didn’t notice.

·        Elegant Design

Victorinox products are known for their legend and classy designs. I found this Rosewood knife to be up to the Victorinox tradition. The classic design is crafted in a way that the balance remains in the center, and with the tapered stainless-steel edge and crafted stylish logos it becomes a professional’s best choice.

·         Variability

I used this knife for almost all sizes of tasks. It has its laser tested razor-sharp blade that doesn’t know the difference between large flesh loaf or small fruits and vegetables. It just slices, chops and minces flawlessly through whatever comes in front of it. The blade of this knife is sharp and sturdy enough for piercing all kinds of foods. Just make sure you hone it regularly using good sharpening steel to keep an edge on it.

·         Lightweight

Though it looks heavier because of the big sharp blade, it doesn’t have a big weight. With stainless steel of 8” the total weight of the knife is not more than 8 ounces, which is not greater than any ordinary knife. My wrist didn’t strain even after continuous use for a good time.

·         Price

This may not be the fanciest knife you ever bought, but it surely is economical compared with other similar sharp blades. I also have some sharp Japanese blades in my kitchen, but they are much costlier than this one. So, I would recommend this knife to all the Cooks, whether new or veteran, to try this multipurpose, cheap, and durable product.

·         Lifetime Guarantee

All of the products of Victorinox come with a lifetime of against defects in manufacturing and workmanship. That is why people who purchase Victorinox products keep life-lasting relation with this brand.

Final Word

The 8-inch stainless steel, rosewood polished handle, lightweight, elegantly designed, medium-sized knife is one of its kind. It makes your tasks easy, comfortable, and effortless. This amazing knife is also weighted and balanced with triple-blade rivets for optimum ease of use and durability. Provided with a lifetime guarantee, this Chef’s Knife justifies its position to be the most preferred kitchen knife by chefs and professionals.

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